Here’s a LEGO building idea that is so much fun! Use your bricks to build a tiny neighborhood. I built this one without the kids, and I had so much fun picking out the colors for each house and creating the designs.

These houses are smaller than minifigure scale. No one can actually fit in these!

Kids can make the houses whatever colors they like, or use a combination of colors. It’s totally up to them! This is also a fun teen/adult building idea. You can make your neighborhood as detailed as you want. I’m planning to leave mine put together so I can display it!

I built the house on the far left for our most recent LEGO project book, The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations. At the time, I wanted to do a neighborhood, but just didn’t have the time to get it done.

This week we ended up spending extra time at home, so I decided to build more houses and make it a street.

I would have preferred to make the yellow house light blue, but these houses require some plates (flat bricks) and I didn’t have enough in that color. At some point I might get the pieces and change it to blue. But the kids said they really like the yellow!

Bricks Needed for Building a LEGO Tiny Neighborhood:

  • Plates – I used two 6 x 12 plates for the yellow and white houses and two 6 x 10 plates for the tan house. (The plates are oriented the opposite direction for the tan house, so all three “lots” are 12 studs deep.)
  • Light gray tiles that are 1 stud wide
  • Clear bricks for the windows – I used 1 x 1 clear bricks and 1 x 2 clear bricks
  • Slope bricks for the roof in whatever color you want. I would recommend dark blue, dark bluish gray, or dark tan. Unless you want a whimsical house and want to go with purple or orange! Ha!

NOTE: My houses are not attached together. Each one is a separate base.

Let’s build two-story house with a porch!

Building Instructions:

Start with two 6 x 12 plates.

Use plates to create the outline of the house. This house has a front porch made from a 1 x 6 tan tile. The 1 x 1 round tile that you see on the right side really should be a 1 x 1 plate. I couldn’t find another one and got tired of hunting for something that tiny. It will be under the porch, so it won’t be visible.

(We do actually have a bin for “tiny pieces” that are 1 x 1, but I couldn’t find one in there. Our tiny pieces bin never has ALL the tiny pieces! Or even close!)

Add a second layer of while plates around the perimeter of the house.

Then put a 1 x 1 brick with a stud on the side where the door will go. Add windows as desired.

Add bricks so that you have two layers of bricks around the perimeter of the house.

Then add a 1 x 2 tile for the door. Build the porch pillars. Each one is two 1 x 1 bricks and a 1 x 1 plate. I used white for the plates, but I would have used the brown color – called medium nougat on Brick Link. It’s sort of a rare color, so we didn’t have any plates. As I’m writing this, I think tan plates would look better than white. I might switch them out!

To make the porch, add four 2 x 3 slope bricks. Then finish out that layer with white bricks.

Add a second story. This is pretty straightforward! I added one layer of white bricks. Then I started building the roof, and I added white bricks between the rows of roof tiles.

The last step is to add landscaping! The normal flowers are too large. I looked for the smallest vegetation pieces we had, and then my 13 year old built two tiny trees for the street. We could have actually made taller trees if I had left more space between the houses.

Here are some close-up shots for the other two houses.

This yellow house is a very similar design. I used a different approach for the porch and started with a 2 x 8 plate and a 1 x 2 plate for the porch roof. There is a yellow plate underneath those gray tiles that is connecting the porch roof to the house.

Here’s a cute little one-story house. This was my original mini house, and I love it!

You can find full building instructions for the tan house in The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations, plus instructions for TONS more LEGO projects. The book has over 75 new projects! There are amazing vehicles, spy agent projects, castle and fairytale projects, mini builds, and more.

ORDER HERE: The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations


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    love the tiny houses, love mini build lego.


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