Let’s build some BIG pictures out of LEGO® bricks!

We’ve done several LEGO® mosaic ideas, and now we’re building mosaics on a larger scale. These 5 brick mural ideas are PERFECT for a LEGO® wall, although I’m going to show you how to use them even if you DON’T have a LEGO® wall. They are also great for collaborative building. Kids can work on constructing these scenes together!

lego wall building ideas

The LEGO® compatible wall pictured in this post is the large blue PlayUp Wall from Creative QT. I’m telling you, this is a brilliant invention! The PlayUp wall comes ready to mount on the wall using the screws and wall anchors that come with it. It’s very sturdy and built to last, and even though it is not an official LEGO® product, it fits tightly with LEGO® bricks. A stamp of approval from us!

We were given the PlayUp wall by Creative QT, but the opinions in this post are all mine.

Lego wall with space scene

No dealing with glue and trying to line up baseplates… just hang it up and start playing! There is also an extra large PlayUp wall as well, which would probably be the best size if you’re purchasing for a library or classroom.

Here’s the really good news! My readers can save 20% on Peel and Stick Baseplates, MagPlates, PlayUp Walls, and Story Bricks. Use the code SARAHLEGO20 on the Creative QT website.

Lego wall mounted on the wall

LEGO® Mural Ideas

Here’s how to use these fun ideas for creating large-scale LEGO® art!

  • Print the building cards at the bottom of this post! They are perfect for creating a building center.
  • Or, just look at the photos in the post.
  • Or, download the building cards and use them on a tablet.

The advantage of looking at the building cards on a screen is that the images are sharper, and kids can zoom in to see the detail. I was not happy with how the cards printed, but the file that you can download is truly high resolution images at 350 dpi. My husband (who works for a copier company) says that the problem is our paper…

These can be built on a LEGO® wall, but you can also just connect baseplates together! This LEGO® wall is the equivalent of 6 baseplates. If you don’t have 6, build a smaller version with 2 baseplates!

All of these designs were built by me, along with my 10 and 13 year old sons. We had so much fun!

City Skyline

It’s hard to choose a favorite, but this one might be my favorite!

Kids can use any colors they like for the buildings. Repeating a color somewhere else in the picture makes the design look really good!

Lego Wall City Skyline

Treasure Map

When my oldest was little, he drew SO many treasure maps! Kids will have fun designing a treasure map with an “X marks the spot.” It would also be fun to add some hazards, like an alligator in the water.

LEGO Wall Treasure Map

Storybook Castle and Dragon

Build a knight battling a fire-breathing dragon and a castle right out of a storybook!

LEGO Wall Castle

Here’s a close-up of the dragon.

Under the Sea

Design an under the sea adventure with fish, jellyfish, sharks, starfish, and seahorses. You can even build an octopus! This one is especially easy to build in installments. Just add another fish when you have the time!

LEGO Wall Ocean

Outer Space Adventure

My 10 and 13 year olds did most of the building on this one, and I love how it turned out!

LEGO Wall Space Scene

Ready to print your LEGO® Mural Building Cards?

Click on the link below. The file will open and you can print or save from there.

CLICK HERE: LEGO Mural Building Cards

Don’t forget to stop by Creative QT! In addition to the PlayUp Walls, they also have fabulous Peel & Stick Baseplates (no need for glue!) and magnetic baseplates!

LEGO Wall Building Ideas


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    Great, thank you! We were in need of some new ideas, and these look gorgeous!

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    So cool! My kids will love these!

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    These are great ideas and thanks for sharing. Any suggestions on where to purchase these types of bulk legos for cheap

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    Really love your ideas. My Grandson crtainly enjoys them too.
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