We’re excited about the winter Olympic Games, and we had a great time building some of the winter sports with LEGO bricks! This is a fun LEGO challenge that kids will love, and there are so many ways to build winter events with the bricks you have.

It would be awesome to try building LEGO winter sports with a LEGO club or class because everyone can build a different event to contribute to one huge display!

We were not able to build every sport, obviously, but hopefully these projects will get kids building and inspire them to make their own LEGO winter sports creations.

lego winter sports

We built alpine skiing, snowboarding, and bobsled. But there are so many options!

LEGO Winter Sports Ideas:





Ice Hockey

Figure Skating

Speed Skating


Ski Jumping

Ready to see what we built? Here’s our downhill skiing run.

I started with two 16 x 16 plates and built the skiing hill from the bottom up.

There are four “levels” to this mountain. But kids can build their ski slope however they want! It’s helpful to have some slope bricks for creating the mountain. I used three or four different types of slopes.

We own some LEGO skis, but if you don’t have those, make skis with 1 x 6 plates and a 1 x 1 slope (30 degree) right in front of the minifigure’s foot.

Here’s a look at the ski run without the figure on it (below).

BUILDING TIP: Only the top layer needs to be white bricks! Conserve white bricks by building up the higher part of the mountain with other colors. Then place white bricks or plates on the top.

And, the ski slope doesn’t really even need to be all white. Kids can use whatever colors they like and pretend that it’s snow. Most kids are not as particular as us adults are!


Build a snowboarding event with a 16 x 16 plate and white bricks and slopes. My 12 year old son designed this one, and it looks so cool!

Here’s the piece we used to attach the snowboard. On Brick Link, it’s called a Bar 1L (1 stud long) with Angled Hollow Stud.


Build an adorable little bobsled that holds two minifigures! The bobsled is fun without a track – just play with it on the table. But if you have the right pieces, it’s fun to build a track as well.

The track will require a lot of tiles so that the bobsled can slide. This will be limiting for some kids, depending on the size of their LEGO collection. One option is to use a whole assortment of colors.

We were not able to build a long track – just a short segment. But it was fun to make a scene with a finish line and spectators!

Lego Winter Sports

Here’s how to build the bobsled.

Start with a 6 x 4 white inverted wedge and a 4 x 4 double inverted slope. They are connected underneath with a 2 x 6 light gray plate.

The runners are made with a 1 x 4 light gray plate on each end of the bobsled and then a 1 x 3 plate for each runner.

Here’s a look at the underside of the bobsled.

Add a 1 x 4 panel on each side of the bobsled. It’s important to use a panel and not a brick so that you have room for the minifigures’ arms. Place two 2 x 4 wedge plates on the front of the sled.

Then finish it up with two 2 x 4 wedges. These are called wedge 4 x 2 triple left and wedge 4 x 2 triple right on Brick Link.

I put a 1 x 4 blue plate, two 1 x 1 blue slopes (30 degree), and two 1 x 2 red slopes (30 degree) on the back of the bobsled.

Then load up your sled with minifigures!

Lego Winter Sports

Here’s how I built the course.

I started with plates that are 6 studs wide and covered them with tiles. I used Technic bricks and pins to make the track sit at an angle. Then I used brackets to hold white plates on the sides of the track.

The lower end of the sloped section is just resting on the baseplate.

Now, what will you build out of LEGO bricks? Try making a hockey game or an ice skating rink!

The current LEGO Series 22 Minifigures include a male figure skater and a wheelchair cyclist that comes with a gold medal.

If you can find it in stock, the LEGO Xtra Sports Accessories set has skis, poles, hockey sticks, and more.

Have fun building LEGO Winter Sports!

How to Build LEGO Winter Sports


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