Lately we have been reading through the New Testament during our morning Bible Time.  We are using the Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos, which is an excellent resource for elementary aged kids.  She is very true to the text while making it easier to understand and softening some issues that young children may not be ready for.

This morning, we were up to the woman at the well from John chapter 4.  We were discussing the fact that the woman was very interested in Jesus’ offer of living water, thinking that He meant physical water, because she would not have to walk so far to carry water for her household any more!  I told the boys that there are parts of the world where even today, people must carry water to their homes each day, and much of that water is not clean.  I decided that we should try carrying some water to help us better understand what it is like to have to do that.  We take our clean water straight from the fridge VERY much for granted!

The water was heavier than the boys thought it would be!  And it was very hard to keep the water in the bucket!

I always like it when we find a way to make the Bible come alive with something hands-on.  Boys like to learn with their hands!  Although I will say that this lesson was pretty much lost on Gresham (age 4).  He didn’t want to carry the water, and took away the idea that he will never live anywhere that he has to carry water!

Aidan (age 7), on the other hand, was very much impacted by this lesson.  He and I took away two things:

1.  Running water would have been a huge blessing to this woman.  But Jesus had an even greater blessing to offer – eternal life.

He was offering something that would satisfy her soul and not merely her physical thirst.

2.  We should have compassion on those who do not have access to clean running water.

Because we have the Living Water, we can demonstrate the love of Christ by giving to those in need in Jesus’ name.  This is the really neat part.  Aidan commented throughout the morning that maybe we should give money to the people in places like Africa so that they can have wells for water.  Then, I sat down to do some blogging, and found this post on Smockity Frocks about an opportunity to raise money for a well in Africa!

Would you consider taking this opportunity to teach your children about giving? Try hauling some water across your yard or down your street.  Stop to examine the mud puddles along the side of the road and imagine drinking that water.  Then, head over to Smockity Frocks to make your donation!


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