Use your LEGO bricks to construct a three piece mechanical puzzle!

My kids were really impressed with this! It’s such a fun project for kids who like to tinker. When you first pick up the puzzle, it’s not immediately obvious how to solve it. Kids will enjoy learning the trick to putting it together and taking it apart (it’s tricky enough to be fun but not super difficult) and then showing it to their friends!

Build the three shapes below. Two of them are identical.

Each puzzle piece has three layers – a layer of plates, a layer of bricks, and a layer of tiles on the top. The tiles are essential because they allow the pieces to slide past each other, but you can use whatever colors you have!

Here’s how to build the pieces.

Gather the plates shown.

Connect them with a layer of bricks as shown.

Then add a layer of tiles on top. You’ll want to overlap your bricks and tiles so that the whole thing holds together securely, but other than that, you can use whatever size LEGO bricks you have. Just make sure that your puzzle piece matches the overall size and shape of this one.

Build a second one of these.

Then build the puzzle piece shown below. Grab more plates…

And connect them by adding a layer of bricks.

Then finish it up with a layer of tiles.

Now it’s time to try fitting the pieces together!

The instructions below show how to slide the pieces together, but we also made a video which you can view below.

To take the puzzle apart again, just follow the steps in reverse!

Here’s the video. Click the play button to watch. If you can’t see the play button, it’s probably because of ad-blocking software on your browser. Ads allow me to keep the content free for you, so keep that in mind!

Ready for more of a challenge? Check out this 12 piece LEGO mechanical puzzle!

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  1. JJ Aug 28, 2015

    Oh wow! Another great Lego idea to show my 9 year old!!!


  2. Cindee Nov 16, 2015

    Great idea but I wish it didn't say - Frugal Fun for Boys!! What about GIRLS!! Just sayin'


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