This week, Owen, Gresham, and I read “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McClosky.  I love this book.  The story is adorable and I love the illustrations.  Plus, there are so many fun things to do with ducks!  Unfortunately, we couldn’t go feed the ducks at the park because Aidan had a lot of fourth grade work to get done.  Maybe we’ll go later in the week if the weather holds up!

After we read the book, I had the idea of turning a cardboard box into a magnetic duck pond.  First, I cut the flaps off of the top of a cardboard box and turned the box upside down.  Then I used packing tape to cover the flaps on the remaining side of the box (inside the box) to make a smooth surface to move the magnet around on.

I used a utility knife to cut an opening for the boys to play underneath the “pond.”  We cut construction paper to make the actual pond, and I covered the entire top surface with packing tape to make a smooth surface.

Then I cut out some poster board ducks for the boys to color.  Gresham made a mallard, just like the ducks in the book.

To make the ducks stand up, I bent some paper clips at a 90 degree angle and taped the ducks to them.

I didn’t ever get a picture of the magnets – we have some really strong rectangle shaped magnets that we used.  I think that a magnet wand would probably be easier for little hands to use, but unfortunately we don’t own one.

The boys just wanted to keep our pond simple, but there are so many things you could add to this!  Cardboard trees, rocks (real ones) for the ducks to swim around, maybe some construction paper reeds in the water for the ducks to swim through.  (Maybe I need to make some more accessories for myself!)

Our duck pond kept Owen busy for a good long time while his brothers were doing school, and then Gresham played with it during afternoon quiet time.  Success!


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  1. Rachael Resurreccion Oct 24, 2012

    I love this idea! I always look forward to reading your posts (even though times like this just make my to-do list longer). I am so glad I discovered your website a few months ago (I think it was through pinterest). Thank you for posting so many great ideas.

  2. Julie Jones Oct 24, 2012

    We have this book from the library now (for the second time). My son just walked in and saw this and he is so excited to make this. This would be great to keep around when its cold and make ice skaters.

  3. Judy Cook Jul 26, 2017

    Great ideas! Thank you!

    I especially love the duck pond and the crayon rub!

    Yea for big families!! You Go Girl!


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