This month’s issue of Family Fun magazine had a build-your-own sprinkler toy out of PVC pipes, and we decided to make our own. We didn’t follow the Family Fun directions at all, but it did get me thinking about what we could do!

I decided that instead of making a permanent structure, we would just make “parts” that could be used to build a different sprinkler every time. The boys and I went to Home Depot and bought:

  • Two 10′ lengths of 3/4 inch PVC pipe ($1.77 each)
  • A 3/4 inch female threaded adapter to hook to the hose ($0.99)
  • Several joints – some 90 degrees, a couple of T-shaped ones – non threaded ($0.33-$0.67 each)
  • A few caps to keep water from coming out where we don’t want it to ($0.33 each)

We spent $13-something total on everything we bought! Not bad!

This evening, Dad used a saw to cut the PVC pipe into various lengths. Then we were ready to build some sprinklers!

Look! An outdoor shower! (We haven’t made it stand up on its own yet, we’ll have to do that…)

Edited to add: We used a hammer and a nail to make holes in the pipe for the water to squirt out!

Or an instant water slide!

This was an interesting design…

…And the boys quickly decided that it would make a great two-sided water gun filler!

Dad used a drill to make holes in one of the caps, and we made this GREAT water gun!

Tomorrow, I’ll let the boys go out there and make their own designs, and it will be fun to see what they come up with. This was definitely a successful activity!


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  1. Debbie Jun 9, 2011

    Love it! I saw the one in Family Fun and decided I wanted to make one but the plans for that one seemed a little "parts heavy" aka: pricey. We were planning on heading to Lowe's this weekend to get some parts to make our own design as well. I love the idea of leaving the parts separate so the kiddos can redesign as they choose. :)

  2. Sarah Jun 10, 2011

    Yeah, I thought the Family Fun one was also out of our price range! Their crafts are great, but we can't always go buy all the materials. But I love the ideas and creativity!

    The other issue is storage - with the parts separate, I should be able to find a bag to put them in and store them in the garage.

  3. Momma Jun 10, 2011

    I love this! Expecially putting it over the slide. Can't wait to build this with our guys :)

  4. DawnJoy Jun 10, 2011

    This is SO going to happen here this summer. Hmmm, we're going to Lowes tomorrow for the kids workshop, maybe we'll get the supplies then. The kids will LOVE it. I will love that it's not the slipnslide. I know they like it, but it really does a number on our already poor yard.

  5. Felice Jun 27, 2011

    We totally did this last summer and had enough parts from other projects that we did have to spend a little money but we had so much fun. Ours is a long tunnel and water shoots out everywhere. It comes apart and stored nicely this winter. We like that we can change it around and move it all over the place. Glad to see others having so much fun also!!


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