Our computer is back!  Hooray!  Not much time for writing at the moment, but I wanted to post a couple of quick math ideas for the kindergarten/first grade crowd.

Gresham and I worked on comparisons today:

Gresham made cube “towers” for the ages of our family members.  This picture shows Dad (33), Aidan (8), Gresham (5), and Owen (2).  It was fun to see the difference in ages!  (Except that it made Dad and I seem old.  Hmmm…)

Other ways to make comparisons:

  • Keep track of the weather each day (sunny, rainy, cloudy, etc).  Gresham’s Saxon math has him do this each day.  It’s fun to look at the chart and see what type of weather we have had the most!  This month, cloudy is winning!  Must be February… although today was sunny and almost 80 degrees!
  • Compare things around the house.  Give your child a list of things to investigate.  For example, “Do we have more dinosaurs, or more stuffed animals?”
  • Sort and graph the types of picture books on your shelf.  Aidan and I did this when he was in first grade.  We sorted the books by categories that we made up – animal stories, vehicle books, etc.  Then we made a graph to see which type had the most.

Math is always more fun when you can get up and move around!


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