Here’s a simple art project for kids – decorate rocks with melted crayon!

This morning, I needed something to keep three of the boys busy. We found this project on The Artful Parent, and it was perfect! We rounded up all of our broken crayons and peeled the papers off, which was a fun activity in and of itself. Great way to recycle those little stubby pieces.

The boys (ages 8, 6, and 3) and I all enjoyed making these colorful rocks! Decent rocks are hard to collect where we live (lots of limestone and sandstone, etc.) so we used rocks that came in a bag from Home Depot (left over from a garden project). They are “marble chips,” but I wouldn’t really use chips to describe them. The white color worked really well for this activity! Although I do wish that we lived somewhere that we could collect nice smooth rocks…

You can find out how to make them over at The Artful Parent. We used foil as our work surface, and it worked well! We were also able to flip our rocks over using a crayon so that we could decorate both sides. The rocks did not stick to the foil.


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  1. Jj May 20, 2015

    I'm going to add this project to our Summer Bucket List! The boys will love it!



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