Use duct tape to turn a plain sand bucket into a MINIONS SAND BUCKET! Fun summer craft for kids!

We were in Walmart the other day, and Gresham found some yellow sand buckets that he wanted to turn into Minions! We already had black, gray, and white duct tape, so all we needed was pink for the tongues. We were able to find pink at Michael’s, but it did come scented like bubble gum, which was interesting!

Minions Sand Buckets

I ended up making all of these myself because cutting on duct tape is pretty challenging for young kids. My almost 12 year old could probably handle this project, but he was at school when we did them.

I made five different faces – one for each child. The boys can’t wait to use theirs for digging in the sand! Right now they are using them to carry treasures around the house. Aidan (11, almost 12) plans to keep his on his desk for storing things.

They would also be fun as party treat bags! The buckets we used were only 97 cents each at Walmart.

Minions Sand Buckets

How to make them:

  • Each minion has a layer of gray for the googles, with a white eye on top. You can print a pattern sheet below. The pattern sheet has the googles (for both one eye and two), eyes, and pupils. There is also a pattern for the mouth.
  • For the mouths with teeth, I cut the mouth out of white tape. Then I drew the teeth with a black Sharpie Extreme (says it won’t fade!) and then colored in the black areas. The minion with the round black mouth above is just black duct tape, however. I cut out each tongue differently, so there is not a tongue pattern.
  • The hair is just strips of black duct tape.
  • For the goggle straps, I ripped a piece of duct tape in half.
  • CUTTING TIP! Wipe the blades of your scissors with a baby wipe before cutting, and it will slice right through! A wet paper towel won’t work – I tried. With this much cutting, you’ll need to keep wiping as soon as the scissors start to stick.
  • It might work to cut on a cutting mat and use an X-Acto knife. I couldn’t find our X-Acto knife to try!
  • The one-eyed minion’s google is wider than the duct tape. I used two pieces, slightly overlapping.

DIY Minions Sand Buckets

Click here to print the pattern: Minion Sand Bucket Pattern

Keep in mind that these pattern shapes fit the buckets that we bought, which were from Walmart’s summer section. If you use a larger bucket you may need to adjust the pattern.

Note: This is a hand drawn pattern. I am hoping to add a better one when my hubby has time to help me!


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  1. JJ May 13, 2015

    With three Minion loving, dirt loving boys around here, I know these would be a huge hit!!!


  2. Cassie | Getyourholidayon Feb 23, 2020

    Oh. Em. Gee. These are perfect for our next party! I love this idea. We are huge minion fans. Thank you So much for sharing! :)


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