The other week I bought a bag of Caribbean beach pebbles from Home Depot, and we have been having so much fun painting them! Janie had a blast covering her rocks with every possible color of paint, while Gresham painted little lighthouses on his. (I should take a picture of the lighthouse ones!) Gresham suggested that I make some owl rocks. We have been in the owl mood lately after going to a local nature area to take photos of barred owls. They really are amazing creatures!

I used acrylic paints for this project. The rocks were covered with a layer of dust, so I washed and dried them before painting. I drew the owls with pencil first before painting them.

After the paint was dry, I sprayed the rocks with a coat of varnish to protect them and keep the paint from chipping.

This one is supposed to be a barred owl, like the ones we saw at the nature preserve.

And this one is a snowy owl.

The rest are just sort of whimsical, LOL. 🙂

Want more owl ideas? Build a LEGO Owl that turns its head. Or make some adorable Wood Slice Owls.


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  1. Ellie harris Jun 10, 2017

    Them owls are amazing a specially the snowy owl!!!?

  2. Kathleen Keller Aug 9, 2017

    These are beautiful! Will you sell them? I have a young friend who would love to add them to her

  3. Juanita Elshout Jul 19, 2018

    I collect owls. Would you sell two of them. The barn and snow owl.

  4. Cathy Jul 28, 2018

    What kinda of paint did u use? House paint, tempra etc. They look great
    Thank you

    1. Sarah Jul 28, 2018

      I used acrylic paint. It works well for painting rocks, but it can chip, so I usually spray them with a coat of polyurethane afterwards.

  5. Brenda Jun 13, 2020

    These rocks look fantastic. Well done ! Quite amazing work.

  6. Jerri Turner Jul 21, 2020

    I Think That These Owls Are So Cute, They Would Make Really Cute Magnetics For The Refrigerator.

  7. Barbara Jun 22, 2022

    Where can you find the rocks.

    1. Sarah Jun 24, 2022

      We buy bags of river rock from Home Depot or Lowe's. Amazon also sells rocks for painting.

  8. Stephanie Jul 23, 2022

    This inspired me to break out the paints and make my own! I had a couple rocks I'd been saving for projects. The snowy owl is my favorite, he sits by my desk at work.


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