It all started in the craft department at Walmart. I don’t usually do my best craft shopping at Walmart. Hobby Lobby is more my thing… but we were looking for something, and I got distracted by all the pretty colors of burlap! They have rolls of burlap in so many lovely fall colors. So then we needed something to make with it! (In fact, I still need several more somethings to make with it… ’cause I have a LOT of burlap left!)

Burlap is the perfect material for this adorable owl craft. It gives them such a nice texture! Grab some paper cups and make this fun fall craft with your kids!

Paper Cup Owl Craft

My 7 year old daughter and I had a great time with this craft. It’s not difficult for kids to make! They may need some help gluing the burlap to the cup, but beyond that the wings, eyes, and beak are easy to do.

Soooo cute!

Paper Cup Owl Craft

Ready to make your own Paper Cup Owl Craft?

They will look great displayed on the mantle, sitting in a windowsill, or perched on a shelf.

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper cups – it’s nice to have solid color cups. Ours are yellow cups from the party section at Walmart. Hobby Lobby also has solid color cups.
  • Burlap in your choice of color
  • Buttons
  • Googly eyes
  • Yellow felt
  • Felt for the wings – we used brown, orange, and purple
  • Hot glue gun or Tacky Glue (craft glue)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Start by cutting a piece of burlap that fits around your cup. I had to trim off a strip of burlap to make it the right height for the cup.

Attach the burlap to the cup with hot glue or craft glue. I like hot glue since you don’t have to wait for it to dry!

Step 2: Find some buttons and googly eyes. We dumped out our button collection – always so fun! I love buttons. Most of these brown and black buttons came from a large package that I bought at Walmart a couple years back.

Step 3: Once you’ve chosen your buttons and eyes, cut out the beak and wings from felt.

Step 4: Then assemble your owl! Glue the googly eyes to the buttons. Then glue the eyes, beak, and wings to the owl.

Then make a few more! We used purple, green, and brown burlap. So cute!

If you enjoyed this Paper Cup Owl Craft, you might want more owl craft ideas? We’ve got tons because we love owls!

We even have an owl box in our yard. Last year, a screech owl briefly came to visit, but didn’t stay to nest. Sad! Maybe this year we’ll get a nesting pair.

Anyway, here are 15 Adorable Owl Crafts for kids, tweens, and even adults!

Have fun crafting!


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  1. Eve Webb Sep 19, 2021

    Just the perfect idea after seeing a barn owl, a rare sight in our area. We mostly have the Tawny Frogmouth...which isn't actually an owl, as my grandchildren regularly remind me. So the excitement of seeing a real owl flying past is great. Thankyou for the ideas.


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