Make beautiful pipe cleaner flowers that are perfect for spring! We love pipe cleaner crafts because they work well for kids of all ages, and because pipe cleaners are a very affordable craft material. We always have pipe cleaners in our craft stash!

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It’s amazing how many different flowers you can make with pipe cleaners! The daisy design needs a little hot glue, but otherwise these flowers are just made with pipe cleaners and scissors.

I feel like it’s always a little tricky to show pipe cleaner craft instructions, but I’m going to do my best! Here we go!

Supplies Needed:

  • Pipe Cleaners (some people call them chenille stems)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue – for ONE of the flower types

Let’s start with some simple purple flowers. These look *sort of* like lavender, but none of these flowers are all that realistic.

Start with a pipe cleaner, and bend the end over like this.

Then grab the pipe cleaner right under the bend and create another upward fold. Keep repeating this process.

Keep making folds until most of the pipe cleaner is used up. Leave an inch or so at the end.

Then grab a green pipe cleaner and wrap it around the base of the flower.

Leave a few inches of green and then cut off the rest.

Use the piece of green pipe cleaner that you cut off to make leaves. Twist the green pipe cleaner around the stem to secure it. Then fold up the ends to make leaves.

Then make more flowers!

Now let’s make some flowers with petals.

Grab 3 pipe cleaners. Twist them together in the center. I found that twisting 3-4 times holds them securely. Then spread out the pipe cleaners as shown.

Start at the end of a pipe cleaner segment and roll toward the center.

Then repeat the process for each pipe cleaner. Once you’re finished, adjust the position of the petals until you get a shape you like.

Turn the flower over and add a stem by wrapping a green pipe cleaner around one of the loops in the back.

Add leaves using the same method shown above with the purple flowers.

SO pretty! It’s fun to make more of them in different colors.

Now let’s make some daisies! Use the same method to twist 3 pipe cleaners together. Instead of rolling the pipe cleaner segments into a circle, bend them over and over into an oblong shape.

Then cut off 1/3 of an orange pipe cleaner and fold it into a circle. Glue this to the center of the daisy.

Add a stem by threading a green pipe cleaner through the back of the flower. Sooooo sweet!!

Here’s one last flower to make using the same “twist three pipe cleaners together” method! This one could be a tulip or a rose, whichever you prefer.

Make petals the same way as the daisy. Instead of leaving them flat however, we’re going to bend them upwards.

The completed petals will create sort of a bowl shape. I threaded the stem through the base of the flower and then bent it over to secure it.

Have fun creating beautiful flowers! We put ours in little glass vases with blue glass gems.

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