After the heat of summer, I am so ready to get outside in the fall and enjoy going to the pumpkin patch and visiting the local farm! Fall, farms, and preschoolers just go together. I have been doing a simple farm unit with Owen (5.5) and Jonathan (2.5).

Here are some fun farm activities that preschoolers will enjoy.

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Farm Activities for Preschoolers - Crafts, Play, and Books

Apple Tasting

Farm Unit for Preschoolers

Buy one each of several different types of apples. Then taste and compare and let everyone choose a favorite! We tried Gala, Red Delicious, and Honeycrisp. Honeycrisp is our favorite by far! (Also, McIntosh is the BEST type for applesauce!)

Clothespin Piggies

Farm Unit for Preschoolers

I found the idea for these clothespin pigs on Serendipitous Discovery, and I knew Jonathan would love them, especially since he has been SO into the story of The Three Little Pigs lately.

To make them, you will need clothespins, crayons or markers (for coloring the clothespins pink and drawing the nostrils), pink craft foam, pink construction paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes, and pink pipe cleaners for the tails.

Corn Sensory Play

Farm Unit for Preschoolers

We recycled an orange juice container into a grain silo that really loads the tractor! You can find instructions here – Farm Sensory Play.

Printable Farm Pack

Head over to This Reading Mama for a free printable farm pack with plenty of activities for preschool and kindergarten! Owen and Jonathan have had fun with the emergent reader farm books, cutting practice, alphabet cards, and more.

Farm Unit for Preschoolers

Visit a Farm

We went to the historic Nash Farm in Grapevine, TX for their annual fall round-up. Jonathan loved the ponies!

Farm Unit for Preschool

Favorite Farm Books

Here are some of our favorite farm books!

Preschool Farm Unit

The Year at Maple Hill Farm by Alice and Martin Provensen is such a fabulous book because it introduces children to the months and seasons of the year as well as the things that happen on a farm. The illustrations are beautiful, and it is really an engaging book.

Farm Unit for Preschoolers

We adore both Otis and Otis and the Puppy by Loren Long. (The puppy one is my personal favorite!) These are read it again and again type stories.

Farm Unit for Preschoolers

I received Only One Woof by James Herriot when I was young, and now I enjoy reading it to my kids! This is a story about two sheep dogs (brothers) who were separated and then recognized each other at a sheep dog trial. Enjoyable and classic story.

Farming Unit for Preschool

I have not yet read Farming by Gail Gibbons, but I love her books! Always filled with information and good illustrations.

More Farm Activities:

Farm Activities for Preschoolers


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