This idea is so totally all over Pinterest, so this is definitely not a new concept. But this project is so easy to set up, and fun for little ones to explore!

I got the idea from this post on Discovery Bottles at Pre-School Play – there are TONS of ideas for discovery bottles in this post, so be sure to check them out!

Simply cut up pipe cleaners and put them inside an empty bottle. Screw on the lid, and give your child a magnet for exploration. We did patriotic colors so that ours would look like fireworks for July 4th!

Pipe cleaner and magnet discovery bottle Even my almost 10 year old has enjoyed exploring how the pipe cleaners behave with the magnet! He discovered that you can move them along without the magnet actually touching the bottle.

Pipe cleaners and magnet discovery bottle

Jonathan (18 months) can’t quite figure out how to work this, but I think this discovery bottle would be fun for ages 2+!


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  2. Mozzo Nov 10, 2014

    Hi! where did you buy that magnet from and how much did you pay?


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