Here’s a fun birthday trivia game that can be used for ANY birthday! This is not a “how much do you know this person” type of game. Rather, it’s a trivia game about birthdays in general. Cool and wacky facts that are interesting to know!

We made this game for a friend whom we could not get together with because of sickness. We dropped off a birthday gift and these birthday trivia cards, and then did the trivia game over FaceTime. It was so much fun! And it made me realize how fun this would be for grandparents to mail to their grandkids, or for cousins to send to each other, etc.

Printable Birthday Trivia Game

There are 6 trivia cards to print, plus a page of answers. The answer page also includes additional interesting information about the birthday fact.

This is not meant to be a long game… just something quick and fun to make a birthday more special!

Birthday Trivia Game

If you are mailing these cards, I’d recommend printing them on regular paper. If you’re giving them in person, card stock might be nice.

You can either include the answer sheet with the cards, or hang onto it yourself and make this a long-distance activity! The birthday child can call you via phone or FaceTime and give you their guesses, and then you can give them the correct answer.

Ready to print? Click the link below. The file will open and you can print from there.

CLICK HERE: Birthday Trivia Game


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  1. Amy Aug 12, 2020

    Love this! Thank you so much for sharing. ❤️

  2. Carol Aug 12, 2020


  3. Jenjo Games May 26, 2021

    Such an interesting idea for making birthday fun and entertaining. We will definitely try them out next time. Thanks for sharing these ideas and explaining them so well!


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