Here’s a fun drawing activity with a holiday flair!  This printable Christmas Doodle Book will keep kids busy drawing ornaments, designing stockings, decorating snowmen, and more.

In the fall, I posted about the pencil practice books I have been creating for my kindergartner.  They have been such a great way to strengthen his writing skills since he really enjoys doing the activities.  That was the inspiration for this Christmas doodle book, but I gotta say – I think the doodling is fun too!  It’s not just for young kids.  I’d recommend this activity for preschoolers up through age 8.

Here’s a peek inside!

The first page has a Christmas tree to decorate.

Then draw stars, and decorate wrapping paper. My 3 year old enjoyed coloring the gifts, while my 8 year old drew patterns.

Draw a scene in the snow globe (oooh, so many possibilities)!

Then design patterns on the stockings.

Make fancy snowflakes.  Then draw stripes on the candy canes and swirls on the candies.

Then my favorite page!

Make snowmen, and decorate the Christmas cookies.

Ready to print one?

CLICK HERE:  Printable Christmas Doodle Book

Printing Note:  You’ll need to print this as a two-sided document.  Some of the pages are upside down in the file, which is on purpose!  If you print it two-sided, it will all come out okay.

Lay the cover page face down.  Then add the page with pages 2 and 7 face up.  Then add the page with pages 4 and 5 face up. Fold all three pages in half and staple.


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  1. Pamela Dec 14, 2017

    My 5 year old LOVED this - thank you! Have a delightful Christmas!

  2. Anu Dec 15, 2017

    My kids simply loved it.

    Thank you!

  3. Robin Steinweg Dec 18, 2023

    What a lovely gift! My little granddaughter will love it. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!


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