Horse-loving kids will go crazy for these printable horse Valentines!

These cards are perfect for a school Valentine’s Day party or for handing out to friends in the neighborhood. They are also non-mushy and boys will hopefully approve of them, ha! I designed two of the cards to especially be a little more boy-friendly.

This past year, our family bought a horse. My 12 year old son is the main rider (and aspiring rancher) but we all enjoy riding him. He’s a very sweet horse! So it just seemed fitting to make some printable horse themed Valentine cards. Janie can’t wait to hand these out to her friends!

There are three ways to give these horse Valentines:

  • Print the cards, sign them, and hand them out just like that!
  • Print the cards and attach a piece of candy.
  • Print the cards and give them with a tiny toy horse – a good candy-free option.

We are going with the toy horse option. I ordered this Safari Horse Toob from Amazon. The horses are adorable! There are 8 in this pack.

Here’s another option – this Safari Horse Toob has 12 horses instead of 8 for the same price. We own both Toobs and know that these horses are a bit smaller and less detailed.

I bought little plastic zipper bags in the jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby. The bags are 4″ x 6″ and hold the horse Valentine cards perfectly.

There are 8 different horse Valentine cards to print. You can print as many copies as you need!

Our finished horse Valentines look so adorable, and Janie can’t wait to give them to her friends!

Ready to print your Horse Valentine Cards?

Click the link below. The file will you and you can download or print from there!

CLICK HERE: Printable Horse Valentines

Need more Valentine’s Day card ideas?

These Cat and Dog Printable Valentines are super cute and also go well with Safari Toob animals.

If the kids are up for some crafting, these Clothespin Airplane Valentines are ADORABLE!

Then these Painted Rock Valentines are another of my favorites. Kids can really do anything with the painted rocks!


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