Play the multiplication tables memory game!

If you’re looking for an easy (and fun!) way to help kids memorize their multiplication tables, we’ve got just the game for you.

This printable multiplication facts game is based off the classic memory matching game. Kids will match multiplication facts with the correct answer.

Learning is always more appealing when it’s based on a competitive game! And learning the multiplication tables is important. Quick recall of the facts is essential for higher level math. If kids are trying to do 3-digit multiplication problems or learn long division, they’ll get bogged down quickly if they can’t remember the basic multiplication facts.

You’ve probably heard the quote that kids don’t hate math… they just hate being confused, intimidated, and embarrassed. It’s so true! Math can actually be FUN when you have a strong foundation.

multiplication tables memory game

Here’s how the printable multiplication tables memory game cards work:

There are 22 pages of multiplication facts to print, or 264 facts.

I did not make cards for the 0’s or the 1’s because most kids do not need practice on those. And it’s a lot of paper and ink if you print all these cards so you’ll just want the essentials.

The file has 22 pages with no blue background first. Then, it has the same multiplication cards, but with an added blue design page in between each one so that when you print double-sided, the cards will have a blue back.

You choose! Either print the cards with a blue back, or save the ink and print the cards without.

Print pages 2 – 23 for plain cards.

Print pages 24 – 67 DOUBLE SIDED to print cards with a blue back.

Cheating Alert! If you print the cards on regular paper with no blue back, kids will be able to read the numbers through the paper when the cards are face down.

We printed ours on card stock WITH the blue. That would be my recommendation.

multiplication fact cards for the multiplication tables memory game

How to Play the Multiplication Memory Game

If you’re not familiar with the memory game, here’s how to play. Lay out all the cards face down in a grid pattern on the table. Players take turns turning over two cards at a time. If they turn over a match (the product matches the multiplication fact) then they keep those two cards.

Practice One Set of Multiplication Facts, or a Mix of Facts

This game is a great way to work on just the 3’s or just the 6’s or whatever. Or, you can print all the cards and play a game that is a mix of facts.

But you won’t ever want to use ALL the cards to play a game. That’s way too many! Just pick 12 – 24 matches.

We found that one set of facts (24 cards) is great for a quick game, and two sets (48) is perfect for a longer round. But obviously you can adjust this based on your kids.

Along the way, your kids may have trouble figuring out a fact. “Hmm, I have 6 x 8 but I can’t remember which answer I’m looking for!” Figure it out, and then at the end of that round, review the facts that were tricky.

Ready to print your Multiplication Tables Memory Game? Click the link below. The file will open, and you can print of save the file from there.

CLICK HERE: Multiplication Facts Memory Game

Need more multiplication activities?

Print these Star Wars Multiplication Puzzles. Kids will have fun solving the problems and finding the answer to the riddles!

If you’re working on the concept of multiplication, here’s a huge collection of Hands-On Multiplication Activities.


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  1. JoAnne Feb 20, 2023

    We are using the cards for Go Fish. The first day, I had him (Grade 3) match the multiplication card to the answer. The next day, we play Go Fish. We have to ask for the question or the answer we need to make the match. This is working great for us, thank you for your fun games!

    1. Sarah Feb 20, 2023

      Oh, this is a fabulous idea!! I'll have to add it to the post. Thank you for sharing!


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