I saw this idea for a resurrection garden on We are THAT Family, and LOVED it, but I didn’t get started in enough time to make it the way they did with grass seed and actual grass growing. So here is the procrastinator’s version for anyone else who wants to make one but can’t get grass growing in 36 hours in time for Easter!

We made two. This one is a small version, and we used it as a gift for an elderly neighbor who had a stroke last week. (She loved it, by the way!) We purchased small river rocks and large river rocks (for the stone by the tomb) because the rocks that one can find around our area are really ugly. We used some artificial grass/moss/green stuff type vase filler that I had on hand instead of live grass, and it really turned out cute! I used a little bit of tacky glue to hold the grass onto the dirt. Better than just laying it on there, but this is not a “forever” craft… The white in the photo is the glue still wet – we had to take a photo quickly and then leave to deliver our resurrection garden so that we could visit our neighbor before her family came over for dinner.

We made a larger one (10″ terra cotta saucer) as a centerpiece for Easter dinner.

The boys really enjoyed helping with these resurrection gardens, and ours will be fun to display on Easter Sunday!


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