Get ready for your children to name you “Mom of the Year” after this activity!   Aidan was amazed when I announced after dinner that we were going to create a soda explosion in the front yard.  My husband and I saw this demonstrated on the TV series Numb3rs, but I had forgotten all about it until my blogging friend Chemistry Mama sent me a link to her post!  Check it out here – she’s got a great explanation of why it works as well!

Step 1:  Get some diet soda and some Mentos mints.  Maybe two of each – you’ll want to do this more than once!

Step 2:  Round up the neighborhood kids, because if you’re going to make this much mess, you might as well have lots of little people appreciating how amazing it is!

Step 3:  Tape an index card in the shape of a little tube to hold the mentos.  Open the soda bottle, and place a flat index card over the opening.

Step 4:  Quickly pull out the flat index card, and let the mentos drop into the soda bottle.  Then, stand back!

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  1. LaVonne Sep 1, 2011

    I pinned this one in my Homeschool board on Pinterest. My daughter would think this is very cool. Now to look up all the science behind it. :)

    I am stopping by tonight from WFMW. I hope you and your boys have a great week!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  2. mahendra Jan 11, 2014

    you are doing good job kids are like it very much


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