This is my first year with two kids officially in homeschooling!  Although, I really have to plan like I’m homeschooling all three, because it’s unrealistic for the 2 year old to entertain himself all day!

I am in the process of developing a list of “go-to” activities that Gresham (age 4, approaching 5) can do by himself while I work with Aidan (3rd grade).  He likes to play with pattern blocks – these are geometric blocks that make designs flat on the table.  Gresham likes to make dinosaurs, rockets, etc.  Other ideas on our list are play-doh (if Mom is really feeling like multitasking…), coloring books, and puzzles.

Here is an idea for a spelling activity that is easy to make:

I recruited Aidan to help me cut pictures out of magazines (mostly Highlights and High Five), and then we glued them onto index cards.  Then I printed the words on the cards.  To do this activity, all I need to do is get out the stack of cards and our Scrabble game, and Gresham can get to work spelling the words on the little Scrabble tray!

The words I chose do not follow any particular phonics rule or anything – I was mainly going for pictures and words that would be interesting and hold Gresham’s attention while I am doing something else.

What ideas do you have for keeping younger siblings occupied while homeschooling older ones?


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  1. Mary Aug 4, 2011

    Just found your blog using a Lego search on Google. As a Homeschool mom I am loving your site! I think we are taking pictures of Lego scenes tomorrow!

  2. Cariann Jan 26, 2012

    What a great idea. I have a bunch of picture cards that I can let my youngest use for this.

  3. Margie Oct 14, 2013

    We have done this before, but just with weekly 'vocab' or 'seasonal' words I started doing when he got bored practicing letters.... He loved it!

    I never put the pictures with it, though... Great idea! I hate to print things off....I am spending a boatload on printing cartridges. Any ideas how to help with that? Your idea here is the best! I'm absolutely going to use it.

    This will be easy to make categories, like the Red, Write, Build series. Again, I just didn't want to print it all out. hehehe

    Thank you for all your fabulous ideas...I have 2 boys, 3 and 5 1/2, and I might have a third! hehe I have to tell you...they were both Captain America last year for Halloween (they were 1943 Cpt. with bomber jackets and the blue A helmet), and I have dreamed of making them be Union soldiers! They have caps they wear to horse around in, we got at some there a link with how you made the costumes? No rush for this year, they have already committed to being pumpkins. :)

    Awesome website! Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Mom to 2 boys


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