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We have been on a major Rainbow Loom kick around here, which has worked well for me since I’m 33 weeks pregnant and can help with Rainbow Loom from a chair or the couch!

Aidan (age 10) and I have been compiling our favorite loom band projects, and now we’re sharing them with you along with links to the tutorials we used for each project. Please feel free to leave a comment with a question about any of the projects if you run into trouble – we’ll try to answer as best we can!

We are calling this list “boy approved” – it’s not that girls won’t want to do these projects, but these are things that the boys have approved of since they’re not interested in the flowery looking Rainbow Loom stuff – ha!

Seven Boy Approved Loom Band Projects

Project #1: Turtle charm

Seven Boy Approved Loom Band Projects

The turtle was the first charm we attempted, and it would definitely have turned out better if we had brown bands or at least another type of green for the head and feet. Aidan didn’t want to put eyes on it, so it doesn’t have any!

We used this turtle tutorial from PG’s Loomacy. The tutorial moves nice and slow, which was helpful for us! The video gives a couple of options for eyes for the turtle.

Difficulty level: Challenging (Well, it was for us anyway! But we got it!)

Project #2: Camo Bracelet

Seven Boy Approved Loom Band Projects

After we had been to the store for more bands, Aidan made the Starburst bracelet with camo colors. He used brown for the border color. I like how he made each starburst a combination of colors. This bracelet looks really good on.

We used Ashley’s Starburst tutorial.

Difficulty level: Intermediate. Might be a little challenging for a beginner, but we caught on quickly!

Project #3: Spiderman

Seven Boy Approved Rainbow Loom Projects

After making the turtle, we saw PG’s Loomacy Spiderman and knew we had to try this one! By using c-clips, Aidan made him web pieces that can be taken off and on. So cool!

Seven Boy Approved Loom Band Projects

We used this Spiderman tutortial from PG’s Loomacy.

Note: All action figures use double bands (put on two layers at a time) to make them thicker and stronger.

Difficulty level: Challenging. All of the action figures take some practice! Aidan said that the video for the ninja (below) shows a different way of making the neck which is MUCH easier and does not involve digging through tons of layers to loop the bands. So you might want to start with the ninja. Another difference between the tutorials is that PG’s Loomacy shows how to make the arms ahead of time and then add them on before looping the bands. The ninja tutorial shows how to use two looms to make the arms along with the rest of the body.

I feel like the challenge involved has been a good challenge – Aidan is sticking with these projects and is so proud of the completed guys! And his little brothers are VERY happy with the guys he has made for them!

Project #4: The Incredible Hulk

Seven Boy Approved Loom Band Projects

Once you get the hang of the action figure design, it’s not hard to make other heroes! Aidan made this Hulk design himself. Here is how he set up the loom:

Seven Boy Approved Loom Band Projects

Seven Boy Approved Loom Band Projects

Aidan followed the same design as Spiderman, but he made the legs shorter by two sets of bands (sets, as in using double bands). The body is longer by two sets of bands so that the overall length is the same. The arms are also longer.

Project #5: Snakes

Seven Boy Approved Loom Band Projects

These snakes are so much fun! Check out my separate post on how to make them here –> Rainbow Loom Snakes

Difficulty Level: Intermediate. Not as hard as the action figures.

Project #6: Ninja

Seven Boy Approved Loom Band Projects

Okay, this ninja project might be my favorite! His little swords are toothpicks colored with black Sharpie. In the video, the eyes are made with beads. We thought those looked a little weird, so we made eyes by wrapping two white bands four times each around two black bands (same technique as the eyes in the snake video if you want to see it in action). We stretched the black bands onto the loom at the step in the video where she puts on the beads. It will hopefully make sense when you see it… Then, we used a black Sharpie to draw pupils on the eyes.

Here is the tutorial –> Ninja tutorial from Kate

Project #7: Wallet Chain

Seven Boy Approved Loom Band Projects

Depending on how you feel about the look of a wallet chain, the upside to this project is that it’s really easy! Aidan made this wallet chain using the basic bracelet technique. Instead of using a c-clip, he attached one end to the keychain ring on his wallet and the other end to a carabiner. He made the whole chain in one piece by turning around one row of pegs in his loom so that they faced the opposite way. Then he just looped around the corner and kept going!

What are your kids’ favorite Rainbow Loom projects? Also, I’d love to know where you find the best deals on bands!

If you’re looking for more bracelet ideas, check out these two posts from Kids Activities Blog – 9 Band Bracelets to Make and 10 More Band Bracelets!


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  1. Kristen Mason Mar 14, 2014

    My son gasped when he saw the NINJA! Awesome! We get our best deal on bands at JoAnn Fabrics (on sale). Sometimes 1000 for 2.50. :)

    1. Sarah Mar 15, 2014

      The ninja is my favorite too! We'll have to check out JoAnn's. Thanks for the tip!

  2. JDaniel4's Mom Mar 14, 2014

    This is super awesome! I have pinned this post to the BGH board.

  3. Tera Mar 26, 2014

    We get our bands from Amazon. Here's a set of 1800 + clips for around $4 shipped (look on the right for "more buying choices" and you'll usually see offers with free shipping). This particular set is assorted colors, but you can get single colors as well.

  4. Kate Schultz Apr 16, 2014

    Thanks so much for featuring my ninja tutorial :) it's always a buzz to see other's make my designs.

  5. Belinda May 22, 2014 10yr old is making up his own designs but he will LOVE these projects....thank you from australian mum !

  6. Trevor Jul 22, 2014

    Great deals for bands we go buy loomy bands on amazon.

  7. Cathy Sep 21, 2014

    What loom have you found is the best? Have you tried multiple looms?

  8. Brandon Oct 18, 2014

    Spiderman one is my favorite

  9. aramie Oct 11, 2015

    wonderful ideas! i found amazon is the best place to find bands, as well. i've gotten glow in the dark, glitter, and even camo ones! Eager to try some glow in the dark snakes! thanks for the great ideas. having over a dozen nieces and nephews, i've gotta keep things fun and interesting. :)


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