Here’s a fun way to practice addition facts!  This game is perfect for winter with the snowman theme. Kids can match up the addition facts on the snowmen with the correct sums.  

There are 12 total snowman addition mats.  Setting out 12 mats with 48 total answers would be super overwhelming, though, so I organized them in four sets, with each set having a total of 12 addition problems.  The fourth set is especially for beginners with sums of 7 or less.

For Jonathan (age 6), three mats (12 problems) was just the right amount of work.

He is fairly new to addition, hence the counting on fingers!  But he is finally learning to “count on” rather than starting with 1 every time, so I don’t mind.  He’ll memorize the facts soon enough.

I laminated our mats as well as the answer snowballs for durability.  I think they’ll be getting a lot of use!

Ready to print your copy?

CLICK HERE: Snowman Addition Match-Up


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  1. YF Dec 25, 2022

    So helpful!! it's interactive and hands-on, which helps students stay focused and engaged. And it's free with a minute f prep time!
    Thank you!


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