Here’s a new spin (ha!) on a Nerf target game for kids!

Spinning Nerf Targets

We transformed a cardboard trifold display board into a spinning target shooting gallery for Nerf.  It’s not necessary to buy the display board – you can just use whatever cardboard you have on hand.  But I do think that the display board made this simpler.

Spinning Targets for Nerf

Here’s a close up of how it works.  Basically, cardboard targets spin on bamboo skewers.

Spinning Targets for Nerf

To make one, you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Plastic straws
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife

We started by cutting rectangular openings in the display board and covering the edges with duct tape (to help it hold up better).

Spinning Targets for Nerf

To make the targets, tape a segment of straw to the back of a cardboard circle or oval.  Tape the skewers to the back of each opening – but thread the target on first!

Here’s where some physics comes in…

If you put the straw in the middle of the target, gravity will cause it to hang like this.

Spinning Targets for Nerf

You can solve this problem by moving the straw close to the top of the target, but then it is difficult to get the target to spin all the way around.

We added a penny (for weight) at the bottom of each target, and also moved the straw up to slightly above the middle.  The targets hang straight, but they also spin all the way around.  Just make sure that you allow for clearance of the entire target when you tape the skewer in place.

Spinning Targets for Nerf

It would be a fun engineering challenge to let kids work this problem out on their own!

Here’s a demonstration:


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  1. Kerri Feb 12, 2015

    Love this! So clever. I have a boy sleepover this weekend and guess what we'll be making and playing!! Thank you x

    1. smarteparte Feb 13, 2015

      We'll be building one this weekend too. Thanks for all the details!!

      1. Yvette Mar 15, 2015

        Our grandson will love this!!! Great idea.

        1. Chris Mar 28, 2015

          Such a great idea! Any suggestions for something to use besides a gun?

          1. Sarah Mar 28, 2015

            Hmm. Ping pong balls might work! Bean bags might work, but since they are so much heavier than Nerf darts I think they might knock down the entire board.

            1. Bridget Apr 10, 2015

              Nerf sling shot?

            2. Heidi Lloyd Feb 13, 2016

              I love this! Thank you so much for sharing! Made a Star Wars version of this for my kids--they love shooting the Tie Fighters I put on the targets!

              1. Sarah Feb 17, 2016

                Oh wow - that's a great idea!

                1. ginger May 12, 2016

                  My son is having a star wars birthday party. Would it be possible to see what you have made. Thanks so much.

                2. Shana Baker Sep 19, 2016

                  What size are the rectangle cutouts?

                  1. Sarah Sep 22, 2016

                    I'm not sure, and we do not still have this project! Sorry!


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