This post started as a nature scavenger hunt for our preschool co-op, and it kind of grew from there. I purchased some adorable spring clip art on Teachers Pay Teachers, and I just kept thinking of cute things to do with it. Jonathan and Janie demand sweetly request to do as much “school work” as I can come up with for them, so it’s good to have plenty of activities around. (I’m sure they would actually get tired of school eventually, but they both really love to do workbooks, etc.!)

Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt

Our little preschool friends LOVED this! There are two versions of the scavenger hunt to print. The first is a checklist of things to look for – a bird’s nest, a butterfly, a tree with new leaves, a ladybug, etc. The second has a list of things to count. Make a tally mark every time you find a bird or an ant, etc.

Clipboard Tip: Don’t have a clipboard? Here’s a tip! One of our friends made several clipboards by cutting foam board (recycled from another project) into rectangles about the size of a sheet of paper. Then we clipped the scavenger hunt to the foam board with a clothespin. Super easy!

This is the checklist nature scavenger hunt:

And here’s the counting scavenger hunt:

Spring Beginning Sounds Puzzles

Print 16 letter and picture match-up puzzles. Kids can match the spring picture to the letter that begins that word. I would recommend printing these on card stock for durability.

Spring I-Spy Game

This game has pictures to find and count! Search for all the boots, and then write the number you find at the bottom of the page. Then move onto rainbows or flowers!

Ready to print your spring activities? Click below. The spring activity pack will open, and you can print from there.


Also, check out our Printable Spring Doodle Book! These have been super popular. Each page has a different coloring/drawing prompt. Draw plants in the garden, patterns on the butterflies, baby birds in the eggs, etc.


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