Do you have a child that is crazy for superheroes? Then I’ve got just the thing that will get them really excited about math! This printable activity pack contains 30 pages of first grade math activities, all with a fun superhero focus.

Math practice doesn’t feel like work when it’s in the context of a favorite subject! Kids will work on telling time with a funny superhero story, solve addition problems in order to decode a secret message, make a graph of their friends’ favorite superheroes, and more.

Here’s what’s included in this printable pack:

  • 2 pages of Number Sequence Activities – fill in the missing number, fill in the number that comes before or after
  • 2 pages of Superhero Themed Word Problems – addition and subtraction
  • Superhero Stunts – fun tasks for kids to complete while timing themselves or measuring the distance
  • Graph Your Favorite Superhero – kids will create a bar graph to record their friends’ favorite superheroes
  • Superhero Addition Secret Codes – solve the addition facts to decode the answers
  • Telling Time with Superheroes – follow a superhero’s day, and record the time that each event happened
  • 2 Coin Counting Mats – students will show the correct amount with real coins or plastic coins
  • 2 pages of Telling Time Practice
  • 3 pages of Addition Fact Practice
  • 3 pages of Subtraction Fact Practice
  • 2 Board Games – one addition and one subtraction
  • 40 Addition and Subtraction Clip Cards – students will use a clothespin to “clip” the right answer. Eight of the cards are word problems.
  • Parent/Teacher Tips and an Answer Key

My favorite activity is probably the Superhero Stunts! Kids will measure how far they can jump, time how long they can run in place, count how many jumping jacks they can do in one minute, and test how many books they can lift. Then there are two spaces for the child to create their own challenges to perform.

My kids loved the secret codes and the bar graph of favorite superheroes. And of course, even addition and subtraction fact practice is not so painful when there are superheroes on the page!

Ready to Grab Your Pack?

The superhero math activity pack is available for $5.00. You are purchasing a digital download. After you check out, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the activity pack, and then you can print from there. To purchase, click “Add to Cart” below.


Have fun learning math with superheroes!


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  1. Paul Aug 16, 2018

    Looking forward to using your activities to supplement lessons.

  2. Karyn Kyle May 13, 2020

    Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your posts!
    I am teaching my first grade grandson and your posts have been amazing!!

  3. Nancy May 13, 2020

    I always look forward to and enjoy your creative and fun ideas and lessons. I try to incorporate them in centers as well as supplement lessons.

  4. Nancy May 25, 2020

    Thank you for all the hard work and sharing your creativity.


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