Keep the little people at your Thanksgiving celebration busy with some Duplo building ideas!

(We also have a some ideas for “big boy” Legos here!)

Aidan and Gresham designed an Indian, Pilgrim, Mayflower ship, and a pumpkin. Hopefully these ideas will inspire the builders at your house!

Here is how to build the Indian:

First, build the feet on a platform like this. (If you don’t have brown, encourage your kids to use whatever colors they have!)

Then build two arms:

And the body and head:

Then, put it all together like this:

We made a face for the Indian by drawing on a mailing label:

Here is an idea for a Pilgrim that is similar to the Indian design:

And a Mayflower Ship (not super authentic, but Gresham built it himself!):

And a pumpkin:


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