So I have to admit that it took us awhile to get into Bluey because we don’t have little kids. But then a friend recommended it, and we tried a few episodes and were hooked, haha! This may be a preschool show, but it has so many funny things and even touching moments that parents will enjoy.

Our whole family worked together to create these lists of the best Bluey episodes for parents and the best Bluey episodes for kids!

If you’re wondering, “Where can I watch Bluey?” it’s available for streaming on Disney+. Also, the official Bluey YouTube channel has lots of videos, although some are short clips and not full episodes.

There are new episodes coming on July 12th, so we can’t wait for that!

What’s so great about Bluey?

Bluey is an Australian kids show about a Blue Heeler dog family that includes a mum (Chilli), a dad (Bandit), and two girls (Bluey and Bingo). Yes, you may have assumed Bluey is a boy, but she’s a girl! Each 9 minute episode is about some aspect of family life like chores, birthday parties, grocery shopping, and LOTS and LOTS of pretend play!

Bluey does not seem to have a political or social agenda (refreshing!). It’s simply a show that celebrates childhood and family life in a way that makes you want to do better. While most parents don’t have the time or energy for ALL of the lavish pretend games that Bandit plays with his girls, parents will come away from a Bluey episode ready to put aside their distractions and just simply enjoy their children.

Sometimes my kids will tell me, “Mom! You HAVE to watch this Bluey episode! It’s just like our family!”

And so, here are our family’s favorite Bluey episodes!

The BEST Bluey Episodes for Parents

I just could not put these in any sort of top 10 order because I love them ALL. So it’s just a list!

Chest – In this episode, Bandit tries to teach Bluey how to play Chess, but Bluey and Bingo end up doing things like naming the chess pieces (the horse is Gallahop!). So funny, but also a sweet reminder about letting kids be kids.

Fairytale – Bandit tells a bedtime story about when he was a boy in the 80’s! Hilarious. Parents will find some relatable moments for sure! This episode has some great thoughts about sibling relationships.

Mini-Bluey – Bandit wonders how Bluey and Bingo can be raised in the same house by the same parents and be SO different. He thinks it would be easier if they were both the same. So Bingo becomes “Mini-Bluey!” Bluey then starts teaching Bingo how to be just like her, which is HILARIOUS. The ending is super sweet.

Omelette – This one is one of my TOP favorites. Chilli and Bingo work together to make an omelette for Bandit’s birthday breakfast in bed. Bingo does ALL THE KID THINGS (I mean, cracking eggs is involved), but Chilli realizes that letting Bingo help is more important that getting the job done quickly. So funny and so sweet!

Baby Race – This especially touching episode is a good reminder that childhood is not a race! Chilli receives some advice from a friend that I think we all need to hear.

Hammerbarn – Another top favorite. Bandit sees his neighbor’s new pizza oven and HAS to have one, so the family is off to Hammerbarn – a store that reminded us of IKEA or Home Depot. My favorite line… “I CAN’T be happy with what I’ve got, when what she’s got is better!!” Oh, siblings.

Sticky Gecko – I came home from the grocery store one day, and my kids announced, “You HAVE to watch Sticky Gecko! It’s just like us!” And oh my goodness, it was. If you’ve ever struggled to get out the door with kids, this episode is for you.

Duck Cake – In this episode, Bandit bakes Bingo’s birthday cake while Chilli is out at mini-hockey with Bingo. Watching Bandit make a duck cake is hilarious, but I also love the lesson that Bluey is learning in the background… that helping others makes your tail wag.

Early Baby – This episode takes place at school. I love this one because of how the teacher, Calypso, guides the kids in understanding different perspectives on the same event. A skill that is missing in our world today!

Rain – There is very little dialogue in this episode, and yet it communicates volumes. Bluey is playing in the rain, trying to build a dam. Chilli gets increasingly bothered by Bluey tracking water in the house until she stops to really notice what Bluey is doing.

The BEST Bluey Episodes for Kids

Ice Cream – This one includes cousin Muffin, who is one of my favorite characters. Bingo and Bluey both get ice cream cones, and they each want to try a lick of the other’s flavor. The resulting interchange is sooo funny.

Grannies – Bluey and Bingo pretend to be grannies, and wonder, “Do Grannies floss?” (the floss dance). My favorite line is Chilli saying, “Do you want to be right, or do you want Bingo to play with you?” So relatable…

Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound – If I had to pick a #1 favorite, it might be this one! SOOO many great moments. Bluey, Bandit, Aunt Trixie, Uncle Stripe, Socks, and Muffin make a video to cheer up Bingo while she’s in the hospital. It’s epic.

Quiet Game – Bandit challenges the girls to a round of the Quiet Game in order to get some peace and quiet, and then they don’t stop! This really backfires when Bandit needs them to tell him which unicorn toy Muffin wants for her birthday. Super funny!

Bus – The whole family pretends to ride on a bus that Bandit is driving. This episode features a reappearance of the grannies and lots of hilarious pretending! My kids love this one.

Muffin Cone – In order to get her to stop sucking her thumb, Muffin must wear the dreaded cone of shame! At first, everyone is frustrated because she can’t play sandwich shop without messing everything up. But then Bluey and Bingo learn to think not just about what they want, but about what Muffin could enjoy playing with her cone on.

Pass the Parcel – Okay, we put this one on the kids list, but parents will love this one too! Bingo goes to a birthday party and plays Pass the Parcel, and Lucky’s dad changes up the rules! If kids are not familiar with Pass the Parcel, they’ll figure it out quickly. This one is a great lesson in learning to be happy when others win.

Sleepytime – This is another episode that we thought about putting on the parents list! Everyone will love it. Bingo has an incredible dream about outer space, set to music from Gustav Holst’s The Planets (Jupiter). This is a very sweet episode for both parents and kids.

Unicorse – You’ll either love or hate this one! I think it’s hilarious. Bingo can’t sleep, so Chilli agrees to read her one more story. Then Bandit hijacks the story with his puppet character, Unicorse.

Born Yesterday – Bandit uses the phrase, “I wasn’t born yesterday,” prompting the girls to wonder what that means. So they ask Bandit to act like he was literally born yesterday – with very funny results! In the end, Bluey and Bingo understand that parents really do know a thing or two…

Favorite Bluey Merch

Janie (age 9) used her birthday money to buy this set of plush versions of the whole Heeler family! They’re the perfect size.

See it here: Heeler Family Plush

The Bluey figures are also a lot of fun. Watch out for off-brand versions on Amazon.

Janie ordered this Bluey Figure with Bicycle and loves it. It comes with a bench and a bin chicken.

Here’s the whole Heeler Family Figurines.


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