It’s August, and it’s HOT.  I would love to think about the fact that fall is right around the corner, but honestly it’s not right around the corner in Texas! Not until late October, anyway.  If it’s hot where you live, here are some of the BEST ideas for cooling off with water gun play!

The BEST Water Gun Play Ideas for Kids!

Ninja Bubbles – I don’t have a photo, but this is one of our favorites!  Mom blows bubbles and the boys shoot them with water guns or hit them with foam swords.  Burns LOTS of energy!

Squirt Gun Painting – What a fun and colorful idea from Fireflies and Mudpies.

Water Gun Cup Races – From All for the Boys.  LOVE IT.

Plastic Cup Targets – Stack up cups and shoot them down!  The only problem that we have had is that on a windy day the cups tend to blow down easily…

The BEST Water Gun Play Ideas!

Make a PVC Pipe Water Gun – Frugal Fun for Boys

The BEST Water Gun Play Ideas!

Draw & Squirt:  Draw with sidewalk chalk and then blast away your pictures!

Alka-Seltzer Water Gun Race – The boys played this at a birthday party and thought it was great!  Here’s an explanation of the game at Unbored.  You’ll want to check this one out.

Golf Tee and Ping Pong Ball Water Gun Targets.  This is a genius idea, from Planet of the Apels.  This idea is in the middle of a post about a circus carnival birthday party, and there are a ton of other fun game ideas!

Here’s another way to make ping pong ball targets using water bottles instead of golf tees, from us – Frugal Fun for Boys.

The BEST Water Gun Play Ideas!


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  1. Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life Aug 16, 2015

    These are great ideas. I think it's so much easier for me to join in their play when there is at least a little structure to it!

  2. JJ Aug 19, 2015

    Ninja bubbles! Oh we will be playing that tomorrow!!!


  3. Raquel Nov 7, 2016

    The Alka seltzer water gun race link is no longer working :(. can YOU describe it?! :) Thanks!

    1. Sarah Nov 23, 2016

      Yes! It was just a alka seltzer with a small hole in it, and then a piece of string to hang the alka seltzer on a necklace. Players try to dissolve each other's alka seltzer necklaces with a water gun. Fun game!

  4. Kathy Jul 7, 2018

    This is a great resource for fun with water. We have had so much fun playing in the water with our children.

    We have reviewed some super soakers to help with the water gun selection.


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