Do you have LEGO bricks at your house?

We recently asked this question to families who stopped by our booth at a large educational convention, and the answer was almost universally, “YES! We have TONS AND TONS of them!”

I mean, who can resist them? LEGO is basically the perfect toy. People of all ages (including adults!) love building with LEGO bricks. And they’re beneficial, too. Building with LEGO is great for developing creativity, fine motor skills, and spatial and mathematical thinking.

Make better use of the LEGO sets kids already have.

Our LEGO books are perfect for kids who love to build, and they’re a much better value than just continuing to buy more and more sets. Inspire kids to use the bricks they already have to create new vehicles, city scenes, animals, robots, and more.

The Story Behind The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations

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As you probably know, we are a family run business. 🙂

After having written and published four LEGO project books already, I wasn’t totally convinced that we needed to do a fifth. The pandemic had hit, and I was feeling very low on creativity and inspiration. But, I had a call scheduled with our publisher to discuss ideas. The day before the call, I asked my kids what they thought we should do. My then 8 year old immediately expressed the opinion that we should NOT do another book.

I asked him why.

After some prodding, I finally got to the root of the issue. He hadn’t been able to contribute any ideas to any of our books yet! And that was disappointing to him! He was 3 years old when we started writing books and had just turned 7 when we wrote our fourth book. He simply hadn’t been old enough to create book-worthy ideas. And his younger sister was in the same boat!

Well, that was enough of a reason to do another book! These books have been a family affair from the beginning, and of course all the kids should contribute ideas!

By the time I got on the call with the publisher, I had a solid idea. I wanted to do a HUGE LEGO BOOK with tons of ideas on many different topics. And I wanted to include plenty of open-ended creative challenges that kids could complete with the bricks they have.

That night, I build a city skyline project (pictured below), and we jotted down several ideas for more projects. And the book exploded from there!

The child who hadn’t gotten to have any ideas in our books built a really cool sports car, as well as a piano for our garage band project and a desk for the bedroom project. They turned out great!

In fact, roughly half the projects in this book were built by me. The other half were built, at least in part, by my kids. All five of them contributed something to this book, and my 12 year old contributed a LOT. He just might become a LEGO designer one day!

Will kids REALLY have the bricks they need for this book?

The concept of my LEGO books is to use the bricks you have. But obviously, not everyone has the same bricks or the same size collection.

I am careful to avoid pieces that are super rare or that have been discontinued.

The books work best for kids who already have a good sized LEGO collection. I’ve had people buy one or two LEGO sets and one of my books and then leave a negative review on Amazon because they couldn’t build the projects exactly as pictured. Yes, one or two sets is not enough. But if your child has a big tub of random pieces and taken-apart sets, they should be good to go!

We build our projects in matching colors, but kids can use whatever colors they want. If your kids are willing to make substitutions and put their own spin on the project, they’ll love this book!

And if there’s a project that they really want to build JUST LIKE THE PICTURE, we’ve got information in the book about how to use Brick Link or to order individual pieces.

What’s in The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations?

Tons of cool projects! This is our BIGGEST book so far. There are more than 75 new ideas to build, with 260 pages of photos and instructions.

Here are the chapters and themes:

  • Amazing Vehicles – build race cars, military vehicles, sports cars, and more.
  • Living in LEGO Town – construct your school classroom, bedroom, a fun garage band, and other town projects.
  • Fairytale Chronicles – make terrible trolls, castles, dragons, unicorns, and other fairytale scenes!
  • TEK Agents and the Villain Bot – build cool spy agent gear, vehicles, and robots.
  • Vacation By the Sea – make a beach scene, ocean creatures, a pirate ship, and other sea-inspired projects.
  • Awesome Mini Builds – create tiny animals, vehicles, miniature robots, and more.
  • Play and Display – design a self portrait, make LEGO art, and build cool games.

Want to see a peek inside the book? We made this quick video to give you a feel for what’s inside. Click the play button to watch the video.

Are There Step-by-Step Instructions?

Yes! This book has two types of projects, Creative Challenges and Step-by-Step. The Creative Challenges are open-ended ideas that are meant to be a launching point for kids to make their own designs. The Step-by-Step projects have full building instructions so that kids can build the model exactly as shown, if desired.

Each Step-by-Step project has a complete parts list with a full list of the bricks needed. The Creative Challenges have a Key Elements list that specifies essential pieces.

Ready to order? Grab your copy of The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations!

The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations released on November 23, 2021. If you preorder, you’ll receive your book on release day.

Also important to note – the book is already 11% off on Amazon! But if the price drops lower between now and release day, you’ll pay the LOWER price.

As a family run business, preorders do help us! They boost our ranking and help us show up higher in searches.



Barnes and Noble

Target (looks like Target does not have the right cover, but this is the right book!)

You can also use IndieBound to find a local book shop!

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    Wowza! How fascinating is this!
    Will be ordering this for sure!
    How terrific you involved your youngest two …to be a part of it! Fabulous

  2. Elia Marcus Nov 20, 2021

    I've already picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble for my grandson. It's a beautiful book which I just know he'll love.


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