Three Days Before Christmas

T’was three days before Christmas, and all through the house,

ALL the creatures were stirring, and jumping on the couch.

The ornaments were hung on the Christmas tree with care,

And re-hung again (and again and again) until the branches were bare.

3 Days Before Christmas

Quiet games (like Legos) were dumped on the floor,

While the boys dueled with light sabers and pistols and more.

The boys assured Mom they’d be as good as can be,

If only she’d let them have Wii or TV!

3 Days Before Christmas

But Mom’s plan was house cleaning, much to the boys’ dismay,

And they “helped” in a totally wild-boy way.

The dust rags went flying, the broom was a sword,

They knew Mom’s way of cleaning would make them be bored!

Mom said, “Let’s finish!  There are still toys out, see?”

While the boys’ minds were thinking, “What’s in that present for me???”

Dad arrived home after working long hours,

To find the boys using their super hero powers.

The parents both did some quick mental math,

To count down the minutes before the kids could have baths.

They made it through dinner and got the toys put away,

Whew, what an end to a very long day!

And once the kids were all tucked in their little snug beds,

While visions of Lego sets danced in their heads, 

Dad turned to Mom with his eyes all a-glaze,

“Just think, we only have to make it another two days!”


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  1. Angie Dec 22, 2012

    What a fun poem! :) My Mom used to write on every Christmas. :)

  2. Charli Dec 23, 2012

    Have you been spying on my house? Must be a three boys thing. Merry Christmas!

  3. Adriana Dec 23, 2012

    I love it:) it is the same in our house, we have 3 boys, and would not change the a bit (just sometimes, when they drive us crazy and make us angry:) Merry Christmas to your family and Happy New Year.

  4. Erin Dec 23, 2012

    Oh my goodness, this is totally what it's like at my house right now . . . :)

  5. Emma Dec 22, 2013

    You totally nailed it with this poem! Change the gender and this is my house lately!


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