This post is sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese’s.  The opinions and text are all mine.

Our family loves Chuck E. Cheese’s!  I loved going there as a kid, and it’s a great place to take my kids for some fun, especially since there are games for every age, and I enjoy playing the games with them.  I don’t write many sponsored posts on this site, but when I was contacted by Chuck E. Cheese’s to help spread the word about their Kids Play Safe certification, I knew it was something I could get behind.

Kids Play Safe at Chuck E. Cheese's!

As a mom of five, I don’t just love taking the kids places that are… germy.  It can take a long time for a virus to make its way through our whole family.  And since kids are generally not the best at remembering to use a tissue instead of their hand, etc., video games that are handled by a lot of kids are bound to be covered with germs.  Well, I can honestly say that we have never had a bad experience with our local Chuck E. Cheese.  It is always clean!  And now, it’s even cleaner thanks to the new Kids Play Safe program.

Kids Play Safe was founded by mom Erin Carr-Jordan, who conducted her own swab tests of restaurant play areas and found some scary pathogens.  The goal of Kids Play Safe is two-fold:  to eliminate germs and to make use of non-toxic eco-friendly cleaners.  Kids shouldn’t be playing on either germs or chemicals!  I gotta say, I agree with that!

Chuck E. Cheese’s has agreed to hourly wipe-downs of the games (the minimum for the Kids Play Safe certification is to clean play areas once during each 8 hour shift), and we saw a guy with his cleaning cart while we were there!  Another important safety measure is the Kid Check program.  Each group has their hand stamped with a matching number so that everyone who comes together leaves together.  (You laugh, but imagine a busy birthday party with kids running everywhere… it happens!)

Kids Play Safe at Chuck E. Cheese's!

Even with five kids, we have found Chuck E. Cheese’s to be quite affordable.  

  • Check the Chuck E. Cheese’s website for coupons!  From the main page, click on deals and offers.  There are almost always coupons for both meal packages with pizza and game tokens, as well as one for tokens only.  I have definitely found that their prices are better than most family fun centers.  It’s also great that you don’t have to pay to enter.  If Grandpa and Grandma want to come watch the kids play, we don’t have to buy them a ticket.  Well, unless they want tokens for skee ball!

Chuck E. Cheese

  • Just go to play.  The pizza is actually quite yummy, and the menu features sandwiches, salad bar, and dessert options that parents will appreciate.  But sometimes we save money by just playing the games!  I usually buy 100 tokens, and that is enough for all five kids to play for about an hour.  Keep in mind that the youngest ones are only 2 and 5, however.  For older kids, you may need more tokens than that.
  • Go on a weekday.  This is one of the greatest benefits to homeschooling, ha ha!  We love to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s right when they open on a weekday.  It’s a blast having the place nearly to ourselves!
  • Community tickets.  Cashing in all those tickets is one of the most fun parts of a visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s!  We usually choose to put all the tickets together, and then each person gets an equal number to spend.  This works well for us.  The younger kids don’t earn nearly as many, but everyone leaves with some treats.

Then sanitize those hands on the way out, LOL!

Kids Play Safe at Chuck E. Cheese's!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. Jess Connell Mar 12, 2017

    Good to know! I never thought about the germs aspect, but it's nice that they've anticipated those concerns and are being proactive about it.


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