Toad-ally Awesome Frog Valentines – Boy Approved!

My boys are not into Valentine’s Day in the slightest, but when we saw these frog Valentines on Pinterest, Gresham wanted to make some to give to his friends!

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"Toad-ally Awesome" Boy Approved Valentines

We saw the idea on this post on Crap I’ve Made.  She has a free printable for her version of the Valentines, but we don’t have a color printer and I didn’t want to order the Valentines like she did.  If you have a color printer, head over and check them out!

We chose to just make our own text for the Valentines.  We printed out four per page, and then cut them out and glued them to red construction paper.

Toad-ally Awesome Valentines - Boy Approved!

We bought a Safari Frogs and Turtles Toob at Hobby Lobby (with a coupon!).  Since Gresham is not in school, he only needed a few to give to friends, so the 6 frogs in the toob were enough.  If you’re making more, you’ll probably want to find a more cost-effective option.  Here are 12 frogs for $4.74 on Amazon (Wild Republic brand) or 6 dozen for $8.69.

Gresham put a felt heart sticker on each Valentine, which we bought at Hobby Lobby in their seasonal section.  We attached the frogs to the Valentines with hot glue.  I tested one to see if the glue would come off the frog’s feet, and it does, but it takes a little work.  However, we could not think of a better way to attach them where they would not come off the card too easily.  I just tried to use the smallest possible blob of hot glue.

Toad-ally Awesome Frog Valentines - Boy Approved!

They turned out so cute, and Gresham can’t wait to give them out to his friends!


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