Early on in my boy-raising career, I had to embrace the fact that the boys’ taste in Christmas ornaments is different than mine. Each year, they get to pick out a new ornament for the tree. It’s a fun tradition, and they are each building their own collection of ornaments. One of our more memorable ornaments is the Egyptian mummy that Aidan picked out when he was in second grade and studying Egypt. It’s a cool ornament, but on a Christmas tree? Really? Oh well, he was quite happy with it!

Anyway, here’s a boy-friendly ornament idea that has made all of us chuckle… plastic dinosaurs turned into ornaments!

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Turn Toy Dinosaurs into Christmas Ornaments

There’s just something hilarious about a t-rex in a Santa hat…

To make them, you will need:

  • Plastic toy dinosaurs. We used some Safari brand baby dinosaurs because at about 3 inches tall they were the perfect size. Here is the baby velociraptor and the baby brachiosaurus and I’m pretty sure this is the baby t rex.
  • Screw hooks
  • Felt – red and white
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • White pom pom balls
  • Ribbon for hanging them

Turn Toy Dinosaurs into Christmas Ornaments

The boys weren’t interested in helping. They just wanted the finished product. So I made little tiny Santa hats out of felt and hot glued them to the dinosaurs heads. The hats are very basic. I just made a cone with felt and glued it. Then I glued a strip of white around the bottom and attached a pom pom ball on top.

Turn Toy Dinosaurs into Christmas Ornaments

(It was actually kind of fun…)

Daddy screwed hooks into the dino’s backs. The plastic was soft enough that he was able to just screw them in by hand. For harder dinos, you may have to make a hole with a drill first.

Turn Toy Dinosaurs into Christmas Ornaments

Add ribbon, and they’re ready for the tree!

Turn Toy Dinosaurs into Christmas Ornaments

The velociraptor:

Turn Toy Dinosaurs into Christmas Ornaments And the brachiosaurus:

Turn Toy Dinosaurs into Christmas Ornaments

Do you have any unusual ornaments on your tree?


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  1. Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life Dec 3, 2014

    Ha! My boys would love these. Though it would make the "no playing with ornaments" rule a lot harder

    1. Sarah Dec 3, 2014

      Yes, we're finding that to be true! :-)

  2. Natasha Dec 4, 2014

    Love your honesty "The boys weren't interested in helping"... Nice to know that boys are boys and sometimes its just fun to make something For them! Really love your blog!


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