Calling all LEGO fans! It’s time to join Weekly Brick Ideas!

We’re starting something new here at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.

For years, we’ve shared LEGO building projects with you on this website. It kind of all got started when our LEGO candy dispenser went crazy viral back in 2014. Our entire family loves LEGO, so we just kept creating more projects!

Our LEGO journey has taken us through the process of writing 5 LEGO project books with a traditional publisher. You can see our books here: LEGO Project Books

In this season of our life, we’ve decided that it would be fun to start a new journey – Weekly Brick Ideas! Every week, we will have a new LEGO building project to share.

Tell me more. What is Weekly Brick Ideas?

So glad you asked. Weekly Brick Ideas is a FREE weekly newsletter for LEGO fans.

  • What is the cost? There’s no cost to join. I do need to make a living, but I earn money from ads on my site and affiliate sales. That allows me to keep this content free for you while still paying my bills!
  • When will I get new projects? There will be a new LEGO project every week! I am only human and will miss a week here and there (especially around holidays), but for the most part, you’ll get a new project every week. I will send the projects on Tuesdays, but the day of the week may change as I get a feel for what works best.
  • What ages are appropriate for these projects? Our LEGO projects are great for ages 5 – 12+. I am intentionally planning variety, with some projects appealing to the 5-6 year old end of that range, and some appealing to older kids and teens.
  • Can I sign up my child using their email address? Kids under age 13 must be signed up by a parent.
  • Will there be other types of content besides building projects? Yes! I will sometimes use this newsletter to send alerts about LEGO sets on sale and reviews of new sets.
  • Can I tell other parents about Weekly Brick Ideas? YES! Please do!
  • How can I get on the list? Enter your email in the form below, and you’ll be added!

Weekly Brick Ideas!

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    1. Betty Smith Jul 9, 2023

      Thank you for the invite. I have followed you for years and have bought your books on Amazon, great projects.

    2. Karyn Jul 9, 2023

      I love Legos even as an adult!
      I guess it's my second childhood.
      I'm so looking forward to more ideas.
      I wish I had some of the Lego parts and colors that you use as I do have a some of them, but I do have a lot.
      I have mine organized also so I can find certain pieces.

    3. Emily Jul 10, 2023

      Sounds fun! Will the content be posted here as well or just via email? I'm trying to reduce the number of emails I get.

      1. Sarah Jul 11, 2023

        Yes, it will be posted on my site. So you can just head over here each week if you prefer to skip the emails!

    4. Erica Aug 7, 2023

      I printed the LEGO mosaic art for my nephew and he loved it. Please include more of that! The STEM LEGO is awesome too!


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