Here’s a cute little turkey craft that will look adorable on the Thanksgiving table, and they are so simple to make! Kids will enjoy creating these wood slice turkeys. Add some floral wire, and they become place card holders or photo holders! 

A few years ago, we made wood slice owls, and we had a few wood slices left over. I asked my 11 year old if he had any ideas for how we could create turkeys, since he loves craft projects. He suggested adding feathers to wood slices, and they worked quite well!

I wanted to turkeys to sit up on their own, so we glued a wooden cube to the back of each one.

Wood Slice Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft

Here’s what you need to make one:

  • Wood Slices – We used wood slice ornaments from Hobby Lobby (wood craft aisle, not the holiday aisle).
  • Feathers – you can find a bag at the craft store
  • Googly eyes
  • Red and orange felt
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue gun, or use wood glue
  • 0.75 inch or 1 inch wood cubes – one for each turkey

These are the wood slices we used. They are ornaments, but we cut off the strings for this project.

Cut out a beak and a wattle out of felt. Grab some googly eyes and a wooden cube (or something similar) to help the turkey stand up.

Glue on the beak, wattle, and googly eyes. Glue the wood cube on the back of the wood slice.

Then bend some brown pipe cleaners to make feet. Each foot requires about 1/2 of a pipe cleaner.

Wood Slice Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft

Use hot glue to attach feathers to the back of the wood slice. Glue them on one at a time, and it really doesn’t take much glue! Then glue on the feet. 

Turn your turkey into a place card holder or photo holder!

If you want to, you can make these wood slice turkeys into place card holders or photo holders. Twist some floral wire into a couple of overlapping circles, as shown. Then you can slide an index card or a photo in between the circles.

Wood Slice Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft

Glue the wire to the back of the wood slice turkey.

Wood Slice Turkeys Place Card Holders

These wood slice turkeys make ADORABLE place card holders for Thanksgiving! Make one for each member of the family. They really don’t take long to make!

Wood Slice Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft

Or just use them to display an encouraging reminder of the Thanksgiving season.

Wood Slice Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft

If you don’t have feathers, another way to make these fun turkeys is to use colored craft sticks. So cute!

Want more turkey ideas?

Wood Slice Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft


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  1. elizabeth Nov 16, 2020

    LOVE this idea! hoping to do this for an elementary class craft activity. I would like to use the wood glue option. How much wood glue would each student need (approximately); what tool is suggested to apply the wood glue; and would there be any other adhesive that's safe for kids that would be just as effective? Thanks!!

    1. Sarah Nov 17, 2020

      I'm not sure what to tell you as far as amount of wood glue. It would be comparable to using white Elmer's glue for this project, so you can kind of picture how much Elmer's you would use and go from there. I would definitely try one first before making them with kids, just so you're familiar with the project. I would use Q-tips to apply the glue.

      1. Elizabeth Nov 17, 2020



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