We’ve been having so much fun with Christmas crafting! Our latest project is these Woodland Animal Christmas ornaments. Felt is such a great material to craft with because it’s inexpensive and comes in so many fun colors.

I’ve included printable patterns for each animal at the bottom of this post, and I think that kids will have a blast making these ornaments! And of course, adults will enjoy making them too – I did!

There are 5 animal ornaments to make: a bunny, a bear, an owl, a robin, and a fox. It’s so hard to choose a favorite!

You can make these ornaments by sewing a blanket stitch around the edges of the felt, but hot glue works just as well. Okay, maybe the blanket stitch would be a little more cute, but I think these turned out really adorable!

Supplies Needed:

Patterns – print below

Felt in lots of fun colors

Fiber fill stuffing

Hot glue or Tacky Glue


Small black beads for eyes

Buttons for the owl’s eyes

Yarn or ribbon for hanging the ornaments – I used an all-cotton natural colored yarn

How to Assemble the Ornaments

I recommend pinning the patterns to the felt – it makes it much easier to cut them out.

You’ll want to cut two of each animal’s shape. Then cut out the detail pieces and glue them on. We used hot glue, but Tacky Glue works well also. I used Tacky Glue for the thin line on the bear’s nose – it was too thin to hot glue without burning my fingers!

The bear, fox, and bunny have bead eyes that are hot glued on. (Don’t use too much glue – you don’t want it to ooze around the edges!)

Cut a piece of yarn for hanging the ornament.

Glue the string to the bottom of the head before gluing the head pieces together.

Then put glue around the ears and the top of the head. Glue the edges of the felt only so that you can stuff the center with a little fiber fill stuffing.

Glue all the way around the head, but leave a little opening for the stuffing. It doesn’t take much stuffing! Push it in, and then glue the final section of the head closed.

Cut a strip of felt to make the scarf. I used extra thick felt that we bought at Hobby Lobby. Glue the scarf to the bottom of the back of the bear’s head.

Then fold it over and tack it down with more glue.

After you glue the scarf, trim the edges so that they are even and cut some fringe. Then hang him on the tree! SO adorable!

Then make a bird…

And a fox…

And an owl…

I used buttons for the eyes.

And a bunny! Make the bunny’s scarf the same way as the bear. The bunny does not have stuffing in its head, since the size is smaller.

Print the Patterns

Note that the patterns do not include patterns for the bear’s black nose, the beaks, the bird’s eye, and the pink part of the bunnies nose. Those are just too tiny for a pattern! I think you’ll be able to cut them out on your own. Getting the body shapes right is the hard part, and there are patterns for those.

CLICK HERE: Woodland Animal Felt Ornament Patterns


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  1. Marjorie Dec 10, 2018

    Thanks for your emails. I save most of the ones age appropriate for my grand son and grand daughter. These are great thanks again.

  2. Robin Rankins Sep 30, 2020

    So sweet, thank you!!!!! What do you call the little beads for the eyes?

  3. Terri Kelley Oct 18, 2020

    What thickness of felt should I purchase? I don't want them to be too flimsy. Thanks

    1. Sarah Oct 21, 2020

      I just used regular felt for these.

  4. Haley Bruns Nov 14, 2021

    Thank you for these! I think we will do the bear for extended family and print on the scarf “I love you beary much” and add the date.

  5. Jeanne S Chatot Nov 24, 2023

    Here is a hint for cutting out patterns on felt. I use parchment paper (the kind you cook with). Place your patterns on a heat safe surface. cut a piece of parchment over the pattern pieces. The shiny side facing down toward the patterns. Then take a warm iron and iron the non-shiny side of parchment paper. Patterns should stick. Cut out the pieces for your project. You can use the parchment shaped pieces about two times and then the stickiness is used up.


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