I can vaguely remember having it more “together” before I had kids.  Somewhere back there, there’s a fuzzy memory of arriving places on time, having the mental acuity to remember a grocery list without writing it down, and not having a $30 tab for overdue books at the local library.  I love my boys dearly and wouldn’t have it any other way, but man, I have paid the price in the form of… BRAIN CELLS!

You might be suffering from mom brain if...

You might, like me, be suffering from mom-brain if…

  • You find that you put away the mayonnaise in the pantry, and unfortunately, it’s been many hours since it was placed there.
  • Your kids remember your age better than you do.
  • You remember to RSVP to an event, but forget to go to the event. (True story – did this for a graduation party this spring!)
  • You rush to the oven to check whether what you’re baking is burning only to find out that you forgot to put it in!
  • You frequently run into panic moments as a result of being double booked.  My mom was watching the boys while I was at an appointment, and she called to tell me that someone just arrived for her violin lesson.  Oops!
  • You have transitioned from a “can remember faces” person or a “can remember names” person to a “can’t remember either” person.  (The place I most often meet new people is at church, and I blame my poor memory on the fact that my brain can’t process new information while also keeping up with four boys who are climbing up the stair railing or running around punching each other!)
  • You walk out of the grocery store and have to ask your kids where you parked the car.
  • You load everyone in the van, and run back in for your wallet.  You come back out to the car with a forgotten drink, the baby’s favorite blanket, and the bag of library books (because the fine is piling up!).  Then you have to turn around 3 miles down the road and come back for the wallet!

Happily, I’m not the only one!  Here are some “mom-brain” confessions that I’ve gathered from friends!

  • You run frantically around the house trying to find the keys that are in your hand.
  • You’re driving alone, listening to music.  10 minutes later you realize it’s Veggie Tales, there are no kids in the car, and you can listen to whatever you want!
  • You say “excuse us” even though you are out alone.  (I’ve think I’ve done that one…)
  • You leave your keys in the freezer.
  • You call all of your children by an interesting combination of their names.
  • You go to sign your child in at the doctor, and can’t remember their date of birth.
  • You go to a social event and can’t remember how to have a conversation that doesn’t include interruptions!
  • You give all of the children a general task (i.e. – go clean your rooms), then ask one child to do a specific task for you first, then turn around and scold that child for not doing the general task!  (Uh oh, I’ve done that one too!)
  • Saying “yes” or “no” to a request that you don’t remember hearing, although all of the children maintain that they asked you!

I’m hoping that as the boys get older, I’ll experience some brain re-growth before old age hits and I lose my memory for good!  For those of you with older kids – is there any hope of that?


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  1. Jerilyn Jul 18, 2013

    I have been blessed with mom brain too. And just a horrible memory. We (my sister and I) used to think it was funny and we would tease my mom when she found a hidden Christmas present several month later. But now, it's not so funny that I'm losing my mind. I backed over my stroller a few months ago. Luckily, it's a heavy duty jogger so it was not ruined! My sister is starting to do things like leave burners on and go to work- hopefully it's just her adjusting to her new work schedule. I'd like for us to be "normal" again soon. :)

  2. Jennifer Jul 18, 2013

    Thanks for the great post. It's always nice to know it's not just me! Yesterday, I had to ask someone what the date was and they replied "the 17th". It was kind of awkward because I didn't know the month either, although I was about 85% sure on the year...

    I have such a hard time with names now too. And I used to be SO good at remembering! But yeah, how am I supposed to remember new names when I can't even keep my own kids straight? I do hope someday we'll be back to functioning fully again! :)

  3. Sally Matheny Jul 18, 2013

    I love reading your blog. Once I was boiling water to make a gallon of tea. I got out four family size tea bags and proceeded to stuff them into a mug sitting by the stove. Too bad I still had half a cup of coffee still in it!
    I also went to the kitchen to pour a child a glass of chocolate milk. I absentmindly poured the chocolate milk into my glass of ice tea! :)

  4. Amy Jul 18, 2013

    I'm so guilty of these (although I haven't left my keys in the freezer... yet). We had to take my youngest daughter to the ER last week for stitches, and they asked me the standard question (allergies, dob, etc), and I began every answer with, "Uhhhh..." I had to keep looking to see which child I had brought with me! And then, I tried to leave without being discharged! Mommy Brain strikes again!

  5. Cristina Jul 18, 2013

    How about asking your husband where your cell phone is while you're rushing out the door while also on hold with the phone to your ear? So glad I'm not alone it this!

  6. Kirstylee Jul 18, 2013

    Oh man, my mom brain has been SO bad since I got pregnant with my 3rd child. I used to remember names and faces no problem and now I can't remember anything. My planner keeps me organized, but if I forget to write something in it, that information is gone forever. And I can't ever keep my kids' names straight. Seriously, how hard can it be when there are only two of them? At least my kids are cute! That makes it all worth it. :)

  7. Jennifer Jul 21, 2013

    How about forgetting that you have grounded or sent one of your kids for a
    Time out, or taken a toy away to turn around
    as you clean up and hand it to them to tell
    them to put it up! My 3 yr old is still telling me when I do this, my 12yr old has wised

  8. evonne Jul 30, 2013

    Sorry young ones! It only gets worse as you get older. I'll be in the middle of a sentence and forget what I was talking about! At least I haven't left the keys in the freezer yet!
    Eas going to go get the new car registration done today. I looked all over the house, then rembered I had put the envelope in my purse so I wouldn't forget it!
    Just take a deep breath and realize we ALL do this. It's okay - we all understand!

  9. bonnie Jan 7, 2014

    I used to pray to forget things. Now I realize to be careful what you pray for.

  10. Shona Sep 4, 2014

    You brought tears to my eyes as I remembered those days - not that I'm out of them yet my youngest is only three. But my best one and there are many, when number four was a few months old I picked him up in the middle of the night to feed him, settle down pull out a breast and sat there for a few minutes wondering why he was still crying only to realise that he was upside down. Nowadays I just count them rather than try to keep the names straight....my daughter is almost always called by my sisters name my view is at least they start with the same letter. Don't think it gets any better my mother starts with her sisters (3), moves to her daughters (3) and then the four female grandchildren before she gets the right name for the females in the family.

  11. Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life Sep 4, 2014

    Haha! Love it.

    Yeah, my husband and I used to love playing Trivial Pursuit, but considering that I have a hard time remembering what we did yesterday, I don't think I'd be as good at it as I used to be...


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