Frugal Building Activity: Cup Stacking

When we went to the science museum last weekend, they had one room devoted to building activities for older kids.  Their activities were simple and yet genius – I was amazed at what one can do with basic plastic cups!  We decided to try cup stacking at home.

We got a large bag of 84 cups for $5 at our local grocery store, but this activity would be even more frugal with cups leftover from a party, or cups purchased on sale and with a coupon!

This is such a goofy picture!  I don’t know which one of them suggested that they wear matching camo today…

Aidan had done cup stacking before, and knew that if you build in a circle, you can get your stack to go higher.  We then tried making a pyramid, but couldn’t figure out how to get it to work…

We decided to settle for just a square design.

This activity would suit a wide range of ages – probably kindergarten on up.  Gresham (4) was a little young.  He didn’t quite understand the building principles with cups, and kept knocking it down unintentionally.   However, for those with the building skills, this will hold their attention for a long time!  There are so many variations on what you can build!  A great activity for the upcoming bad weather months!

Does anyone have any cup stacking tips or ideas to add?

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