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My name is Sarah Dees.  I am wife to my wonderful husband Jordan (married in June 2001), and mom to four very active boys!  Our sons are Aidan (born July 2003), Gresham (October 2006), Owen (May 2009), and Jonathan (January 2012).  We are homeschooling and loving it so far!  My days are filled with school, feeding everyone, cleaning up messes, and repairing holes in the wall.  I also teach private violin lessons out of our home, so there is never a dull moment!

I am a Christian, and am dedicated to living a life that honors my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Here are the different types of posts that you can find on Frugal Fun for Boys:

  • LEGO!  We love Legos.  In fact, we do Lego building challenges twice a month, and we love for other kids to join in and either link up posts about Legos or share photos on our Frugal Fun for Boys facebook page.  You can view all of our Lego posts here.

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