Easy-to-Make Felt Snowman Toddler Activity

Keeping Owen (age 2) busy while we do our home school work is a perpetual challenge… I am always on the lookout for things that keep him busy at the table or on the floor near us, but that don’t generate a ton of mess.  Last night, I had the idea to make this quick and easy snowman activity for him, and he was very happy with it!

It works kind of like paper dolls.  I cut snowman “parts” out of felt, and Owen can sit at the table and build a snowman by sticking the pieces to a piece of blue felt as a background.  Right now, I only have two hat options, but I’m hoping to add some more parts to it today!

Owen was very interested in building the snowman!  I’m thinking that I could make a lot more of these in different themes – spring trees with leaves to stick on, dinosaurs, ice cream cones with different color ice cream scoops to put on, etc.


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    I Love love love love felt! And I love this, was actually thinking of it other day! Watch for my felt gingerbread man/girl coming soon! We’ll have to do a snowman for our winter unit if January! Pinning this!

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    What a fun felt activity! We have done something similar with making a pumpkin. For those without a felt board, you can glue a piece of felt onto an empty cereal box and put the felt pieces inside the cereal box when not in use.


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