Duct Tape Craft for Boys – Velcro Arm Bands

Velcro arm bands - made out of duct tape!We have been crafting with duct tape this week!  I saw an idea on Pinterest to make duct tape bracelets using velcro to fasten them. I knew that the boys would love those – as long as I didn’t call them bracelets!  I asked them if they wanted to make duct tape armbands, and they were ready to craft.

This craft would be perfect for a summer camp activity, or just for a rainy day!  They’re fun for a wide range of ages, and with the velcro, they are easy to put on and take off.

To make them, we stuck two strips of duct tape together back-to-back.  It’s really easy to cut the duct tape when it’s stuck together. For cutting single layers, try wiping the blades of your scissors with a baby wipe first.  I saw that tip on Pinterest, and it works AMAZINGLY well.  No more gummed up scissors and ruined duct tape!  We made all of our armbands a different color on each side, and we were happy to discover that they are automatically reversible!  Fun!

Duct Tape Craft - Velcro Arm Bands!Owen has been into superheroes lately, so he wanted some superhero armbands with buttons on them so that he could activate his laser.  He wore his armbands all day, and kept doing different superhero poses.  He’s at such a fun age!

Duct Tape Arm Bands - fasten with velcro!Aidan had the idea to make an armband with a rocket piece that would velcro on and off.

Duct Tape Arm Bands - fasten with velcro!We added velcro to the armband and to the rocket.  I thought it was a pretty clever idea!  (For the black decorations, we used electrical tape left over from our lightsabers.)

Duct Tape Arm Bands - fasten with velcro!We really like Duck brand duct tape (Amazon affiliate link).  It can be pricey, so it’s a good item to get with a 40% off coupon at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  This camo print is the boys’ new favorite.

Duct Tape Armbands - Fasten with velcro!

The velcro we used was in long strips and has a sticky back.  It’s easy to cut to the right length, and then just peel and stick!  Or you can get velcro already cut in dots.

For more fun with duct tape, check out my Pinterest board – “For the Love of Duct Tape”!


  1. says

    Those are very cool! A few weeks ago, I made duct tape bracelets for my son’s entire baseball team! I didn’t use velcro though. I just used a hole punch on each end, and then used a thick string to tie them on.

    I think crafting with duct tape could be very addictive!!!

    • SarahDees says

      Definitely! I didn’t title this as a girl craft since I have only boys, but girls would definitely enjoy this too!

  2. Ammo says

    We did these with our scout troop last week. It’s a great starter project for the duct tape novice. My kids (boys and girls) have been doing these all week. It’s fun to see how creative they can get with a few rolls of duct tape. I had a large


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