Candy Corn Catapults! (Four ways to build a catapult out of items from around the house!)

Candy Corn Catapults

This week, several excellent bloggers have teamed up to provide a play series of ideas for what to do with ALL of the candy that will be entering our homes this month!  Here is our contribution to the series – candy corn catapults!

We’re going to show you four different catapult versions that can all be built with items from around this house.  However, it would also be fun to just provide the materials and let your kids experiment with building the best catapult.  Building and testing catapults to see which shoot candy corn the farthest would make a fun fall playdate!

Some friends of ours helped us come up with good catapult designs, and all of the boys (8 boys total!) had fun launching candy corn!

Candy Corn Catapults

“Wow!  Look at all those boys!  Are ALL those boys yours?”

“No, this time they’re not, actually!  In this photo four are mine, and two are friends.”  :-)


Whoa!  That one went far!

Candy Corn Catapults

 Here are the catapults we built!

Catapult #1:  Pencil Catapult

Aidan designed this catapult completely on his own.  He built it out of unsharpened pencils, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon.

Candy Corn Catapults

 This catapult shoots well.  It’s a little unpredictable, but fun overall.  It would also be easy for kids to build on their own.

Candy Corn Catapults

Catapult #2:  Wide Craft Stick Catapult

We saw the idea for this catapult on Kids Activities Blog.  This catapult is easy to build out of wide craft sticks and rubber bands.  However, it shoots up towards the ceiling, and not very far forward.  The older boys were not happy with the distance.  I will say, however, that this is the best design for young kids.  Owen (age 4) could shoot this catapult easily, and he didn’t care where it shot – he just had fun launching candy corn!  We built our version with a plastic spoon, and our friends built theirs with a bottle cap. The bottle cap is definitely easier for little hands to shoot.

Candy Corn Catapult

Catapult #3:  Popsicle Stick Catapult

Aidan and I built this catapult out of popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon.  It is more difficult to put together, but it shoots at a good angle, and it shoots far!

Candy Corn Catapult

This is how it shoots.  The popsicle stick that goes across at the top stops the spoon and ensures that the candy corn is launched at the right angle.

Candy Corn Catapult

We used the instructions in this YouTube video to build this catapult.  The video explains it much better than I could!

Catapult #4:  Siege Catapult

Aidan’s friend built this awesome catapult out of clothes pins, craft sticks, binder clips, rubber bands, duct tape, and a plastic spoon.

Candy Corn Catapults

The design for this catapult was modified from the siege catapult in Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build Implements of Spitball Warfare.  Please note that this book has a lot of fun projects, but it’s not actually geared toward kids.  The title is very tongue-in-cheek and refers to cubicle workers building mini weapons out of office supplies.

The siege catapult was a lot of fun, and Aidan is dying to build one just like it!  But first, we have to go to the store for binder clips.

Be sure to visit these fantastic blog for more fun science activities involving CANDY!


  1. Julie R. says

    Wow! I can’t wait until my boys (3 and 1) are a little bit older. This would be so much fun! Thanks for sharing, and thank you so much for your blog!

  2. Abbie says

    HOW have I not seen your blog before?? We are a house full of boys and I am about to crazy creep all over your blog. :) Thanks so much for your contribution to the cause of raising boys to be boys! (or maybe I should say thank you for your contribution to the cause of keeping moms of all boys from killing themselves or anyone else)

  3. WREN D says

    I work on an Alzheimer’s unit in the activity department. I want to do the candy corn catapult and set up targets. I can see all of my folks LAUGHING OUT LOUD when I bring this in!!!!~!


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