How to Make Loom Band Snakes

Aidan and I have been branching out from loom band bracelets to animals and charms!  These snakes have been a huge hit at our house.  All of the boys love snakes and would love a pet snake, but Dad and I have not given in.  These loom band snakes will have to do!

Loom Band Snakes

Once you master the basic technique, you can make them as long as you want!  Aidan made this one:

How to Make Loom Band Snakes

We have the Rainbow Loom (affiliate link), and it’s such a great activity.  The boys are building fine motor skills, learning to follow directions, and staying busy with something that does not involve running in the house!  Gresham (age 7) just got his own loom.  It’s taking him a little longer to learn the bracelets than for Aidan (10), but he’s definitely able to do it!  Owen (almost 5) puts the bands on the loom and I do the looping for him.

If you’re starting out, I would recommend getting the name brand Rainbow Loom. So far, we have only used the Rainbow Loom brand bands as well because I’ve heard that cheaper bands tend to break, which is definitely frustrating. If you’ve found a good deal on the bands, please leave a comment!

We made our snakes using this fantastic tutorial from MarloomZ Creations.



  1. says

    Just made these with 3 or my 4 kids! WOW! My kids are experts at making all different kinds of bracelets but this was a bit of a challenge for them but we persevered and had two full length snakes when we finished! Took longer than what I was expecting it to take but we had fun & now they are having a blast running around with their snakes with plans to scare their older sister when she gets home later today. :-)
    Thank you for sharing!

    Missionary Mom en route to the Dominican Republic

    • SarahDees says

      No, that makes sense to me. In our house, we don’t often get directly on Youtube either. The video is embedded in the post, so you should be able to watch it without leaving the site. Are you on a desktop computer or a mobile device?


    ohhhh! thanks for your ideas to prepare bracelates and snakes we try with my butterflies and i hope they can do anything under our guidence.

  3. Becky says

    Great tutorial, thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been looking for non-jewelry loom projects to do with my nephew. I attached a small carabiner to the last cap band and turned the snake into a key-chain for my nephew’s backpack. He loves it!!!


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