Summer is almost here, and I don’t know about you, but we are all tired of serious work and ready to play!  Jump start your summer with these silly and crazy ideas for family fun.

10+ Crazy and Silly Boredom Busters for Kids1. Sumo Wrestling.

Borrow some of Dad’s t-shirts, stuff yourself with pillows, and you’re ready to wrestle!  (Better make them old t-shirts if you’re going to do this outside… grass stains… )

10 Crazy and Silly Boredom Busters for Kids

SO funny!!

10 Crazy and Silly Boredom Busters for Kids

Thanks All for the Boys for this idea!

2.  Q-Tip Blow Darts

Stick a Q-tip in a straw and blow!  Instant fun!

q tip blow dart - Edited

3. Elephant Toots!  PVC Pipe Noisemakers

Did you know that you can blow into PVC pipe and make some pretty silly noises?  This has been a favorite around here for quite a while.

Older kids might enjoy making this fart noise maker from All for the Boys!
4. Hillbilly Snowboarding

We rarely get actual snow here in Texas, even in the wintertime.  By why wait for snow when you can go hillbilly snowboarding?

(Okay, this is pretty much nothing like snowboarding!)

Aidan took the trucks off his old beat-up skateboard during the winter when we did get some snow.  So we tried “snowboarding” on grass!  Just put some vegetable oil on the bottom of an old skateboard deck.  Then run, jump, and slide!  Don’t expect to go super far, and it works better on dry grass (totally dry), but it’s super silly and good for some laughs! (Just be safe!)

5.  Exploding Plastic Baggies

Check out this fun baking soda and vinegar project from Buggy and Buddy!

6. Jumbo Paper Airplanes

Make some BIG paper airplanes by using a piece of poster board instead of a piece of paper.  Then fly them outside! Thin, cheap poster board works the best.  Also, we used mailing tape to tape the folds together before flying.

10 Silly and Crazy Boredom Busters for Kids

10 Crazy and Silly Boredom Busters for Kids

7. Draw Silly Faces

A sheet of clear acrylic makes the perfect surface for decorating each other’s faces!  The boys love doing this.  You can find all the details here:  Silly Faces

10 Crazy and Silly Boredom Busters for Kids

8. Rainbow Bubble Snakes

10 Silly, Crazy Boredom Busters for Kids

Even young kids can blow these colorful bubble snakes!  We have tried this and loved it.  Check out all the details over at Housing a Forest:  Rainbow Bubble Snakes.

9.  Water Bottle Poppers

10 Crazy, Silly Boredom Busters for Kids

Another fun idea from Housing a Forest!  We have not tried this, but it looks really fun!  Note that this is for bigger kids, and with proper adult supervision.  Details here:  Water Bottle Poppers.

10.  Build a Water Balloon Launcher

10 Crazy, Silly Boredom Busters

Send water balloons flying with this simple contraption!  See how to make it here:  Water Balloon Launcher

11. Make a mini M&M’s tube popper!

NEED MORE IDEAS?  Do something unexpected!  Simple ways to have fun with your kids.


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  1. Theresjustonemommy Apr 24, 2015

    So many fun ideas! Who would have thought about Sumo wrestling? That looks like serious fun for all ages! And I have been wanting to try the bubble snakes for forever!


  2. JJ Apr 24, 2015

    I think I would have just as much fun doing these as my boys!!! :o)



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