Here are some festive Christmas science and STEM activities that kids will love! These activities are perfect for the elementary grades up through middle school. Do some science with density, design tessellating Christmas trees, build geoboard snowflakes, and much more.

We love creating learning activities that fit the season. It’s much more motivating to learn when the project has a fun holiday theme!

Christmas STEM Activities for Kids

Make a Christmas Density Tower – Have you ever made a density tower? It’s a stack of liquids that remain in layers rather than mixing together. This science experiment is quite mind-blowing, and kids will love the Christmas theme.

Is Mint Actually Cold? A minty candy cane makes your mouth feel cold, but does it actually make things cold? Do a science experiment to find out! (This whole topic is super interesting… my husband doesn’t sense mint as cold! Apparently some people don’t!)

Do some Christmas math! This Christmas Tree Multiplication Activity is hands-on and perfect for kids who are leaning the concept of multiplication.

Then here are some Christmas Multiplication Pages. Print Christmas-themed multiplication word problems, multiplication fact practice, and some fun multiplication riddles where kids solve the problems to find the punchline to some Christmas jokes.

Do some Christmas math art! Print the template for these Christmas Tree Tessellations. This is an awesome collaborative art project.

Jingle Bell Rube Goldberg Challenge – This is a SUPER fun and festive engineering challenge! Ask kids to design a series of chain reactions that make a jingle bell land in a red paper cup.

Here are two fun Christmas themed mechanical LEGO projects. Build a LEGO Rudolph whose legs “run” when you push him along. So cool!

Then build a LEGO Puppy for Christmas! It’s a Christmas present with a little puppy that pops up out of the box when you turn a handle. It’s adorable.

Need STEM activities for winter?

I have a separate collection of science and STEM activities that are suitable for winter, but that are not specifically Christmas themed. Explore melting ice, static electricity, snowflake design, and more. These can be used anytime from December through February!

See them here: Winter STEM Activities


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