Wow, I had forgotten what a busy age 9 months is!  Jonathan is now crawling, pulling himself up to standing, and CLIMBING THE STAIRS!  EEK!  I’ve been busy looking for ways to entertain him – especially things that keep him busy in the kitchen while I’m cooking so that he is not exploring the dog’s water dish.  We had some ping pong balls out after making our ping pong ball shooters the other day, so I put them in a container for some instant fun!

 The balls make an interesting sound when baby turns the container around!  I don’t know if they make ping pong balls in different colors, but a little more visual contrast would have made this even better.

Other things Jonathan likes to do in the kitchen:

  • Bounce a raquet ball on the tile floor and then crawl after it (this is a new game he invented – so cute!)
  • Play with a cooking spoon
  • Play with the whisk
  • Sit in his high chair with a few toys on the tray
  • Before he could crawl, he would stay happy for a long time sitting in the laundry basket with a few toys or a spoon!  Something about being in that basket was so fun.  Now he can just tip it over.

Soon enough he’ll be walking and then he’ll be into new and different things!  I’m trying to savor this stage, as busy as it is!


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  1. Lynnette Oct 16, 2012

    Great idea! I'm doing this tomorrow. My 10 month old loves the ping pong balls, but can fit them in her mouth! So she doesn't get to play with them very often.

  2. Marsha Oct 17, 2012

    Gotta try this today! I have some colored ones that I was going to use for a party game...I don't know if they are ACTUAL ping pong balls, but something very close.


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