Well, I didn’t have to think long to decide what characters to make as this year’s contribution to my Star Wars Easter eggs! It had to be The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda (the Child) of course!

Side note: You may be wondering what Star Wars has to do with Easter. The answer is absolutely nothing! We do celebrate the Christian Easter, and that gets the majority of our focus. But egg decorating sure lends itself to creating adorable characters, and we enjoy that just for fun!

You can make these painted eggs with regular eggs or wooden craft eggs. If you’re wanting to keep them from year to year (and you should after that much work!) I would recommend blowing out the eggs or using wooden eggs. I use acrylic paint.

I was concerned at how much I could get eggs to look like Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian, but I am happy with how they turned out! These designs are not difficult, although this is not necessarily a project for young kids. I would recommend this for ages 10+.

I always start out by drawing the design with pencil. I draw the full design even if I know that I will be painting over some of the pencil lines. It always helps to have a plan! That way, you’ll know if you divided up the egg into head and body areas correctly.

I mixed a light green with some white to make the color for Baby Yoda’s head.

While the head was drying, I sketched out Mando’s head and painted it a very light gray.

I completed the Mandalorian’s helmet by painting the center black, and then painting outlines with dark gray. The bottom of the egg, under the helmet, is brown to look like the Mandalorian’s clothing.

Baby Yoda’s clothing is just tan with brown outlining. To make the brown a little lighter, I mixed it with some of the tan that I used for his clothes. Easy!

If you enjoyed these painted eggs, you’ll want to check out the rest of our Star Wars painted Easter eggs!

Here are our original Star Wars Painted Eggs, and then I added a second set with characters from The Force Awakens. See those here: Star Wars Painted Eggs Part 2.


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  1. Josh Mar 17, 2020

    This is the way.

  2. Julien Apr 10, 2020

    Baby Yoda still looks cute when he's egg shaped!

  3. human May 11, 2020

    i LOVE it sooo much its adorable!! i doing this for a school assignment.


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