This printable pack is perfect for kids who are learning early phonics skills and beginning to identify the letter sounds at the beginning of words.

My youngest child is entering kindergarten this year (Sob! No more preschoolers!), and I’ve been working on resources to use with her this year since she LOOOOOVES to do school! For the record, I don’t think that kids need a lot of worksheets. But they can definitely be helpful at times, and some kids (like my daughter) love to do tons of them!

There are 7 different beginning sounds worksheets to print:

  • 2 school supplies themed pages
  • 1 princess page
  • 1 knights page
  • 1 firefighter page
  • 1 farm page
  • 1 autumn page

How to Use the Beginning Sounds Practice Pages

Students will say the name of each picture and then write the first letter of the object in the space under the picture.

There will definitely be a few items on these pages that are called different things depending on where you live, but that shouldn’t affect the use of them at all.

Also, you can decide if you want your kids to write blends where applicable, or to just write single letters. For example, “glasses” starts with the blend gl-, but beginners who haven’t learned blends yet can just write g.

Ready to Print your Beginning Sounds Pack?

Click the link below. The file will open immediately, and you can save the file or print from there.

CLICK HERE: Beginning Sounds Printable Pack

Need more phonics activity ideas?


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